This Week on BNET (July 28 – August 1)

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I have more from NBTA on BNET this week including discussions with both ANA and Lufthansa.

Frontier Receives DIP Financing from Perseus
I never thought we’d see it happen, but I’ve now been proven wrong. Frontier picked up $75 million to help them restructure and exit bankruptcy.

Continental’s Flat Seat Business Decision
It’s a large investment, so it has to be done right. Continental took a lot into account when deciding how to go flat in BusinessFirst.

Delta and Air Canada CEOs Talk to the Crowd at NBTA
NBTA had its big airline CEO roundtable yesterday, and Air Canada’s Montie Brewer combined with Delta’s Richard Anderson to talk shop and answer questions.

Emirates and the A380
Emirates picked up its first A380 this week, and with 57 more in the pipeline, the airline has big plans for the future.

Chatting with Star Alliance Members ANA and Lufthansa
I had the chance to sit with both ANA and Lufthansa at NBTA this week. What do they have in store for the US market?

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2 comments on “This Week on BNET (July 28 – August 1)

  1. I wouldn’t like flying on the A380 I think. I don’t care for flying with 500+ other people. The thought of being on the lower passenger deck and having something go wrong and the whole upper passenger deck coming crashing down on top of you just doesn’t sound like a good thing. It’s like those mega cruise ships, who wants to go in vacation with 5000 other people.

  2. Don’t forget that Etihad also did a deal to purchase 100 planes! Big ambitions there too. I had so wanted to try them after flying Emirates for the last 10 years (has it been that long since they’ve been around?) but after discovering they charged £37 per kilo for excess luggage recently, I got a refund on my tickets and went back to Emirates (who incidentally gave me a waiver!). I can’t see the Arabian Gulf airlines starting to charge for food, but it will be interesting to watch and see what happens. I expect they’ll simply put up the price of their tickets.

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