American Kicks Meal Service Up a Notch

American, Oneworld

Hmm, that title may be misleading. Though American is beefing up their meal service, I can’t imagine it will be good enough to merit Emeril Lagasse’s catchphrase.

The airline announced today a host of different upgrades to the meal service in premium cabins only. (Sorry coach people – if you get a meal at all, you should be thrilled.)

The biggest positive as far as I’m concerned is that they will once again have silverware onboard. Now, I’m going to just assume this includes knives and really, it’s about time. There is nothing more painful than trying to cut your tough piece of mystery meat with a plastic knife only to find it impossible to stab with your spork. They’re also bringing back hot towels.

On the long hauls, you’ll now get “artisan” breads. What does that mean anyway? At least they’ll finish you off with Ghirardelli chocolate, pre-landing sparkling water, and individual salt and pepper shakers. This is a far cry from the airline that removed the olive from salads to save a buck.

There are all kinds of new foods, and you can click here to see some of them. Oh yes, and the cross country flights will have cookies baked on-board, a la Midwest Airlines.

It all sounds good, but will it get people to pay more? I’m definitely not the right person to talk to on this one. I only eat onboard if the flight is really long and I’ll starve otherwise. There are other places they could focus if they wanted me pay more, but I suppose this is part of the package.

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