Cranky on the Web: The LAX Terminal Shuffle

FOX 11 News In Depth: Big changes coming to LAXFox 11 Los Angeles
I actually spent all of last night with Delta following the terminal move at LAX, so get ready for that story soon. But last week, I sat down in the studio with Hal Eisner for the weekly newsmagazine show on the local LA station called In Depth. In segments 1 and 2, I talk with Hal about what this move is going to mean.

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Miss Informed
Wow! Quite the production! I still need to see parts 3 and 4, but that can wait. The big message is that LAX and the airlines involved are making the effort to *try* to do things right, but they acknowledge that things can still go wrong. Just goes to show you what *thoughtful* advance planning and decent, clear signage can do. I have to wonder what will happen to all the passengers who arrive from other places and don’t know any changes are taking place. On the other hand, there probably will be a lot of Airport Zombies who won’t… Read more »

You have already watched most of this piece. Segments 3 and 4 each clock in at just under three minutes. Only the first minute of Segment 4 is actually about this topic. The rest of Segment 4 is comments about past shows.


Thanks for the share Brett, and great job!

I’m curious if the LAX loop traffic will have changed (better, worse, same) when I fly in a few weeks. It has been pretty brutal the last ten months.

David SF eastbay

Hal Eisner is still around after all these years. Good for him.

Well, having come from Auckland back to Texas this week I can tell you American’s experience is nothing worse than horrible. We arrived slightly early (around 6am) and nobody opened the door after 15 minutes. Then, 200 people walked from gate 41, down three flights of stairs, under two terminals, up three flights of stairs, through baggage pickup (bags were there ahead of us which tells you how screwed up they were) through customs and immigration and then to recheck. Then out to the security checkpoint which turns out is only for employees, back to the bag check, out the… Read more »

If Delta is gaining 6 gates who lost gates in the move?