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Airport Effort to Charge More During Peak Times Could Hurt PassengersBNET
Airports are one step closer to being able to charge more to airlines during peak times. This may not be a good plan.

JetBlue and American: Why Frequent-Flier Sharing Makes SenseBNET
JetBlue and American have gotten one step closer to each other by starting frequent flier earning on select flights.

Delta Earnings: Outlook Weak Despite Strong Industry Premium Traffic TrendsBNET
Lots of conflicting information out this week. Huge profits but weaker outlook = confusion.

LA World Airports Smartly Reconsiders Regionalization StrategyBNET
Interesting words from the LA airport folks – they’re thinking twice about the regionalization strategy now that traffic is so far down at LAX itself. Good.

Continental and Wired: How Not to Do a Promotional PartnershipBNET
Continental has teamed up with Wired to do a pretty awful job of promotion.

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I’d agree that changing the number of slots would be a more direct way of limiting peak usage to the actual capability of the airspace and airfield, but the airlines would scream and complain about that, too. And if some of your complaints matter, they’ll apply either way. No matter how you do it, if you reduce the number of movements during peak times, then you’ll change frequencies, desirability of connections, etc. It has to.


Alex is not useless. She’s a talking search engine. And given that Continental’s navigation is broken, and there’s no traditional search box or any other search functionality, Alex is the only way to get to some parts of the web site.

Sean S.

I disagree with your assertion that LAX agreement with its neighbors was a bad idea. Thats the result of a system where airport planners, or any specific agency, cannot just rule by fiat where to build and destroy things. I’m an air travel/airline fan myself, but I’m not going to get behind the constant refrain from some quarters that we have to become like Dubai or other countries where planners rule by fiat in order to have modern air service. In fact I find the Master Settlement to be a model for airport agreements going forward. It will result in… Read more »



One problem with discussing slot controls is that only three airports are actively slot controlled: DCA, ORD, and LGA. There are two more airports that would be slot controlled, but the controls are suspended until further nortice: JFK and EWR. (Source:


Cranky, Maybe it’s just me, but I think you down-played the benefits of booking a single-ticket on a B6/AA TATL itinerary. You say that what they’re providing isn’t new, but now you get frequent flyer miles. That’s not entirely true. In addition, if you book as a single-ticket, and you mis-connect, AA is obligated to accommodate you, at no charge to you, on the next available flight. To me, on an international itinerary, with a connection at JFK, this really is a BFD. Preventing problems would have required an overly long connection time. Now, you’d be a misconnect instead of… Read more »