Cranky on the Web (July 19-23)

Airport Effort to Charge More During Peak Times Could Hurt PassengersBNET
Airports are one step closer to being able to charge more to airlines during peak times. This may not be a good plan.

JetBlue and American: Why Frequent-Flier Sharing Makes SenseBNET
JetBlue and American have gotten one step closer to each other by starting frequent flier earning on select flights.

Delta Earnings: Outlook Weak Despite Strong Industry Premium Traffic TrendsBNET
Lots of conflicting information out this week. Huge profits but weaker outlook = confusion.

LA World Airports Smartly Reconsiders Regionalization StrategyBNET
Interesting words from the LA airport folks – they’re thinking twice about the regionalization strategy now that traffic is so far down at LAX itself. Good.

Continental and Wired: How Not to Do a Promotional PartnershipBNET
Continental has teamed up with Wired to do a pretty awful job of promotion.

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