Cranky on the Web (June 14-18)

ExpressJet’s New CEO Targets Costs to Fix the Airline. DuhBNET
ExpressJet’s new CEO is trying to make his mark by focusing on costs. Shouldn’t this have been the case all along?

Spirit’s Pilot Strike: Management Is Winning the PR BattleBNET
Regardless of how the strike is going, management is easily winning the PR battle, even though they probably shouldn’t be.

Continental and United: This “Merger of Equals” Isn’t a Great PlanBNET
They keep talking about a merger of equals, but I’m not a fan of that plan. There are better ways to do this.

When Airports Should Subsidize AirlinesBNET
Usually, airport subsidies fail miserably in attracting sustainable airline service, but every so often, they work.

Good Move: American Protects Its Elite Members From the Unwashed MassesBNET
American rolls out “Your Choice” and it’s not a bad way to approach a la carte pricing.

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Sean S.
Airport subsidies are one of the most egregiously poor attempts by regional governments (counties and cities) to stimulate non-existent traffic. At the end of the day air travel is a business that responds mostly to things outside of its own control; the popularity of tourist destinations, the movement of business travelers, where new industries are popping up. On the flip side it is also another reason why airport “costs” are also irrelevant. Your harping on LAX for building an ostentatious new terminal is irrelevant; as the largest O&D airport in America, the airport could ask airlines to perform loop de… Read more »
Re: “Merger of Equals” I’m glad somebody in the media pointed out how STUPID the photoshopped livery looks. I don’t think your usual stick figures would hold a model of such a crappy looking airplane! So when they dump that paint scheme in 2 years or so, how many different paint jobs will United have? At Dulles it’s like looking at the row of cars in the back yard on blocks with different colored corner panels. I realize this isn’t a financial indicator of an airline, but it goes to show how little focus there can be on product and… Read more »