Cranky on the Web (June 14-18)

ExpressJet’s New CEO Targets Costs to Fix the Airline. DuhBNET
ExpressJet’s new CEO is trying to make his mark by focusing on costs. Shouldn’t this have been the case all along?

Spirit’s Pilot Strike: Management Is Winning the PR BattleBNET
Regardless of how the strike is going, management is easily winning the PR battle, even though they probably shouldn’t be.

Continental and United: This “Merger of Equals” Isn’t a Great PlanBNET
They keep talking about a merger of equals, but I’m not a fan of that plan. There are better ways to do this.

When Airports Should Subsidize AirlinesBNET
Usually, airport subsidies fail miserably in attracting sustainable airline service, but every so often, they work.

Good Move: American Protects Its Elite Members From the Unwashed MassesBNET
American rolls out “Your Choice” and it’s not a bad way to approach a la carte pricing.

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