Cranky on the Web (March 29 – April 2)

Now Departing: Delta Cuts Ties with Midwest AirlinesBNET
Midwest and Delta are no longer going to be frequent flier buddies.

Southwest Fail: Technical Delays Frustrate WestJet’s New BossBNET
WestJet is not happy that it’s taken Southwest so long to get its act together regarding the announced codeshare. Looks like their eyes are straying toward Delta.

Bend Not Break: Boeing 787 Passes Wing Load TestBNET
It wasn’t as dramatic as the 777 wing snap, but the 787 passed the wing load test with flying colors.

American Airlines Seeks Air Supremacy in New York (With JetBlue’s Help)BNET
This is my take on what American is up to in New York – a complementary piece to my JetBlue-focus here on Cranky.

United’s new Boeing 777 to have video-on-demandChicago Tribune
The Trib picked up on my United 777 story, and I had a couple comments to add.

Airline Baggage Fees: The Perils of Making Air Travel Suck MoreBNET
Airlines that charge bag fees like to crow about the revenue bump, but they don’t talk much about the hidden costs of the policy. Oh yeah, and that whole customer dissatisfaction thing.

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