This Photo Is Begging for a Caption; Do It and Win Cranky Concierge Service

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When I went to to learn more about American’s partnership with JetBlue, I saw this photo and just couldn’t stop laughing. That’s American CEO Gerard Arpey at right, smiling like a madman while looking at a JetBlue A320. On the left, we have a laughing JetBlue CEO Dave Barger holding on to an American 777 and staring at Gerard. A million possible thought bubbles started running through my mind, but then someone suggested a brilliant idea. Why not hold a caption contest?

Create your best caption for this photo and submit it in the comments section. The winner will get air travel assistance from Cranky Concierge for one trip for free. Take a look at the photo, see the rules below, and then start typing that caption.

Arpey and Barger

Here’s the deal. Submit as many captions as you’d like. There is no limit. Entries must be made by 11:59p Pacific Time on Monday, April 5, 2010. I alone will choose the winning entry based solely on my own judgment of what I think its funniest and nothing else. The winner will be announced in the comment section and in a blog post. Winners must claim their victory via email from the address submitted in the comment section entry. That is the only way to claim your victory, so don’t go making up fake addresses.

The prize will be air travel assistance for one trip via visit this page.

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152 comments on “This Photo Is Begging for a Caption; Do It and Win Cranky Concierge Service

  1. Arpey: So this is what a new narrow-body looks like.
    Barger: Yes, and the inside is from THIS century.

  2. “On behalf of the Church of Religious Consciousness, we would like you to have an airplane model as well. Would you care to make a donation or a code share agreement?”

  3. “Dave, I think it would be awesome to partner together, too bad you guys went to Sabre just as we are getting off that POS to build our own system.”

  4. Gerard, who would have thought that ten years ago we were the little guys and you were the big behemoth in the USA. And then we made that little code-share deal. Now it’s 2020 and JetBlue and our German partners own the whole combined airline. Doesn’t that AA silver “lack of” paint job look quaint ?

  5. Yeah you’re right…RJ’s have way to much room. Our customers will love our new “ultra efficient mini jets”.

  6. Bloomberg: “Yeah, those are about the only kinds of models you two guys are going to get. Enjoy the toys, fellas.”

  7. Barger: Nice try, Champ. You need to go much smaller than this if you wanna translate our cost efficiencies to your legacy operation.
    Arpey: You *are* right Barger. We need to go smaller. Best part is, this little aircraft is cheaper than even those 35 year old TWA MD-80’s. I can see our shareholders salivating now. (diabolical grin).

  8. Barger : Yeh, its a fuel efficient european import. Got a modern entertainment system, easy maintenance – sure you dont see many in silver.

  9. Barger: are you sure this is gonna work?
    Arpey: I have no idea but it’s sure gonna piss off the Germans!
    Bloomberg: remember – I heart NYC sticker on every wing tip right?

  10. Gerard Arpey: Now is our chance to absorb the weenies and get them out of the way!
    Dave Barger: Yah! big shiny airplanes!

  11. “Dave–this will be the only aircraft American can afford in the next year to come–the scale model that is.”

  12. Gerard Arpey: Dave, someday, when JetBlue becomes a real airline, you’ll have a … plane as big is mine.

    David Barger: You really think so Gerard?

    1. (Sorry to steal the caption, but I think it missed the punchline)

      Gerard Arpey: Dave, someday, when JetBlue becomes a real airline, you’ll have a … plane as big is mine.

      David Barger: You really think so Gerard?

      **Gerard Arpey: No!

  13. Sure our new airplanes are cramped, but I think people will really go for the low fares in Economy Minus.

  14. Arpey: “We told Airbus we have decided to quit and go into the car business as an April Fool’s joke. They dropped A320 prices $3 million on the 1/2 hour. He..He..”

    1. Arpey: “Told Airbus we were quitting and going into the car business for April Fool’s. They dropped A320 prices $3 million in 1/2 hour. He..He..”

      More concise.

  15. Arpey: “Hey! Look! It’s paint!”
    Barger: “Yes. It’s OUR paint. We’re just partners … not paint-sharers!”

  16. Arpey (holding A320): “They call this little bitty thing a plane?”
    Barger (holding 777): “Imagine all the people stranding we could do with this …”

  17. -Hey man, that’s a cool lookin’ plane ya got there dude. Hey, yah…it is a cool lookin’ plane ain’t it? But you know, your plane looks cool too, you know? Yah. Whatever. Yah. Take care. Yah. you take care. Yeah? Well have a nice day. Yah, well you too, dude. Yah. Whatever.

  18. “Don’t let Congress see that that we flew here on our personal jets or this deal will never go through!”

  19. “OK here’s what Delta and US Airways did wrong – they didn’t bribe the FAA with free toys!”

  20. “Hey Arpey, let’s try to win that Cranky Concierge contest so we avoid bad weather and don’t get stranded on the tarmac next trip!”

  21. American Airlines CEO Gerard Arpey evaluates how far he can fly an A320 up Barger’s behind and pitch a tent with an AA automated check-in machine.

  22. Dave: “Hey, stop looking at my plane like that, she already has a boyfriend!”
    Gerard: “You’re a pretty plane, aren’t you…. he he he.”

  23. Mr. Arpey to Mr. Barger: “You call this an airplane??”

    Mr. Barger to Mr. Arpey: “Thanks to you, now mine’s bigger than yours!”

    Mr. Aprey to Mr. Barger: “And what exactly do you do with this little thing?”

    Mr. Arpey to Mr. Barger: “Looks like this plane could use a little Viagra!”

  24. Missing a few pieces of fuselage here Barger, no worries I’ll have my people give boeing a call next week

  25. “Arpey, we’ve done it! We’ve broken the record for most penis jokes inspired by a photo!”

  26. The guy in the middle just said, “If you want to keep your jobs pretend you are happy with your bonuses.”

  27. Listen. I’m tellin’ ya. That Flyagra will work like it done did fer’ me if you just swallow that little bitty airplane capsule disguised as an Airbus model. Trust me.

  28. Arpey: “Dave, I can only imagine how many phallus jokes will be made on about this silly photo op…”

  29. Gerard Arpey: Dave, someday, when JetBlue becomes a real airline, you’ll have a … plane as big is mine.

    David Barger: Gerard, someday when American gets a real CEO, you’ll have a balance sheet as good as mine.

  30. Dave: So this is where my passengers will be subjected to your service?

    Gerard: Yes, and in my hands I hold the key to happy passengers and quiet pilot unions MUAHAHAHA!

  31. Just need to send this to the paint shop and throw a red and blue stripe down the middle and call it Eagle.

  32. JetBlue CEO: Arpey, how many of these you’re able to buy using your employee’s money from AA Reestructure Agreement last 2003?

    American CEO: I don’t really know… I gues the equivalent of your entire fleet of THESE little things…

  33. “Well, I don’t know why I came here tonight . . . clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am stuck in the middle with you.”

  34. Arpey: Hee hee JetBlue will be mine… first step to world domination .. next break the Unions
    Dave: I think my balls are turning blue

  35. Of course we’re saving on fuel by miniaturizing and going green but what about the passengers and crew?

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