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Is Virgin America Flying Without a Map?BNET
Virgin America has announced Toronto and Orlando service, two very different markets. What’s the strategy?

Flying In Style: Premium Air Travel Rebound BeginsBNET
IATA predicts that the premium air travel downturn is cyclical, not permanent. The airline rejoice.

Did Airport Grants Sway Stupak’s Healthcare Vote? No Way.BNET
There are some allegations that Rep Stupak voted for the healthcare bill in exchange for airport grants. This is absurd.

JetBlue Fights Talent Flight, Keeps HQ in New YorkBNET
JetBlue picked talent over costs and kept its headquarters in New York instead of going to Orlando. That was definitely the right move (or lack thereof).

How to Sail Through Airport SecurityBNET Feature
My first feature story for BNET offers tip on how to get through security quickly.

When Will Foreigners Be Able to Own US Airlines? Not Anytime SoonBNET
There’s a lot of talk about the new open skies deal between the US and Europe, but there’s not much new coming out of this deal.

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