This Week on BNET (Sep 22 – 26)

American Airlines’ In-flight Internet Raises Porn Questions
Now that American has started to test in-flight internet, some are getting angry that the airline isn’t restricting which websites people can see.

US Airways is Happy That Nobody is Buying Drinks
It hasn’t been very long since US Airways started charging for drinks, but the airline is already crowing about the benefits they’ve seen so far.

United Gets Smart By Allowing Economy Plus Upgrades Anytime
United is making it easier for anyone to upgrade to Economy Plus at any time before they fly. It’s a smart move that’s good for everyone involved.

Southwest’s Stance on Fees Could be Problematic
Southwest has been very clear that they will not charge fees. Are they backing themselves into a corner with this aggressive marketing?

Financial Crisis Likely to Contribute to Premium Cabin Weakness
Massive bank failures will hurt many areas of the economy and the airlines are not exempt. There will be fewer premium travelers flying the skies.

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