NEW: Get Your Weekly Schedule Updates From Cranky Network Basics and New Lower Cranky Network Weekly Pricing


Ever since the death of Skeds of air Lines, I’ve had people ask if I would ever bring it back. The answer is… probably not. But for those who really want to keep up on weekly schedule changes, I’m happy to introduce Cranky Network Basics. And for those who want something more than that, Cranky Network Weekly is getting a new option at a lower pricepoint.

We launched Cranky Network Weekly in 2020 as an in-depth review of weekly schedule change trends in the US and Canada alongside summaries of all other notable changes. When we launched it, we were targeting Wall St, Airports, and other entities that might find value, and the price reflected that.

Now we’ve decided to create some new lower-priced options for Cranky Network Weekly but even more appealing to the casual reader is the introduction of Cranky Network Basics.

Cranky Network Basics is a quick and dirty summary of all the key airline schedule changes. Each week, the report goes live on our website on Sunday, getting you the information you need before the work-week begins. You can see this week’s report for free right here.

As for pricing, this starts at only $25 a month for individual personal use. Subscribe here.

Meanwhile, for those who are looking for that more-detailed trend analysis, we have created a new individual subscription option to our flagship Cranky Network Weekly for $125 per month. This is a significant discount over our previous pricing which was meant more for organizations with multiple users.

If you’d like to learn more about Cranky Network Weekly and haven’t received a sample report previously, you can request one for free here.

If you have any feedback or thoughts, don’t be shy. Email us at and we are all ears.

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