Topic of the Week: Mark Your Calendars for a Cranky Dorkfest on September 29 at LAX

We had a great time last August getting together for In ‘n Out and plane-spotting, so I thought I’d do it again. But this time, I’ve decided to think about all you poor airline employees who might want to come if you can find a seat into town. That’s why we’ll do this on a Saturday at the end of September – should be more open seats than in August.

Come on over to the In ‘n Out at LAX starting at 11a on Saturday, September 29 for the 2nd (hopefully) annual Cranky Dorkfest. We’ll eat some burgers, watch some airplanes, and just geek out in general. That should give you enough time to get back on your last flight of the day back home.

Leave a comment or send me a note at if you have any questions. Hopefully I’m not eating and spotting alone (but I’ve done it before)…

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31 Responses to Topic of the Week: Mark Your Calendars for a Cranky Dorkfest on September 29 at LAX

  1. Remember not to look up and chew at the same time :-)

  2. Shane says:

    Oh, you won’t ever be spotting alone. Atticus can be with you. My favorite weekend activity with my son was to ride my bike with him in tow to Gravelly Point Park at DCA (he’s too big now to fit into the bike seat).

  3. Oh fine, you twisted my arm…

  4. Ron says:

    Gah, I’ll be in San Diego that day…

  5. Sanjeev M says:

    Oh how I wish to work for an airline…gotta love non-revving :) Have fun spotting!

  6. David M says:

    Space Shuttle Endeavour should be sitting in the United hangar at LAX that day.

  7. Is there a way to get from the airport to the In ‘n Out without renting a car?

  8. Cook says:

    Been there. I-n-O’s burgers are sooo good that I might forget to spot. When I l ived in the area, too many years ago, the routine was a bag of burgers and a quick ride to the observation bluff, Northwest of the North runway complex. I spoze it has been closed for years…

    • Axelsarkis says:

      Are you talking about Imperial Hill, which is on the bluff next to Imperial Highway? That’s still there. It’s got some benches and scopes.

  9. Frederick R says:

    Sounds great…but are you aware that the 405 closure is that weekend? Not a problem for you folks heading from points south but those of us up in the San Fernando and Santa Clarita valleys will be out of luck.

  10. Steve says:

    Sounds fun, Brent! Will try and drag ASFlyer with me!

  11. Jeremy says:

    Now this is the perfect way to keep my UA miles a live for another 18 months and to have some fun!

  12. John in MDR says:

    I showed up today for this event today. I was mistaken, but it was a beautiful day and I chatted up with a native JFK (like me) for 30 min.

    Topics for 9/29
    A. Proposed taxiway for North Runways
    – 100′, 200′, 340′ needed or 0′

  13. Axelsarkis says:

    Sounds great… I’ll come along if nothing changes in the near future.

  14. dan powers says:

    YES there is a way to get from LAX airport to the IN-&-OUT…just walk, I have done it several times when I had a 4hr turn in LAX…it takes about 20-25 minutes…there are actually sidewalks ALL the way…no need to walk on grass, curbs , etc….

    • Steve says:

      Jump on the Marriott or Sheraton courtesy bus and you’re halfway there…Budget Rent a Car bus will get you even closer!

      • CF says:

        I would say you’re better off walking than going to a hotel shuttle. Most of them are lumped together with multiple properties so it can take awhile and you aren’t that much closer. If you want a shuttle, Parking Spot Sepulveda is definitely the way to go.

  15. XJT DX says:

    Oof, already busy that weekend, will have to catch it next time. But thanks for the non-rev love!

  16. Mark Stuhl says:

    I would love to attend but this is the weekend of the 2nd annual carmeggedon in LA. I live in the valley and will not be able to get there unless cranky sends a helicopter to come and get me.

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  19. Brian says:

    2,970 miles traveled roundtrip in one day… I’m in!

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