A New Cranky Talk is Live – Airplane Livery!

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Cranky Talk – Airplane Livery!

Last week’s Cranky Network Awards were a success, but I’m still recovering. I’ll have a new post ready for tomorrow. For today, however, you can just enjoy Dave and I talking about paint on airplanes.

Dave and I don’t agree on liveries, and we probably have the opposite opinions of what you’d expect we’d each have. So we played a little game that let me get into Dave’s head a little more. Enjoy the discussion..

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2 comments on “A New Cranky Talk is Live – Airplane Livery!

  1. “You can’t be a real country unless you have a beer and an airline.” Surprised one of you didn’t bring up that famous quip.

    I agree with the two of your that for airlines based in smaller “destination countries” (Fiji, Hawaii, Air Tahiti Nui, etc), incorporating some of the local or Aboriginal culture/art as motifs on the livery can be a great way to brand the airline and the country, so long as it is done with respect to (and preferably in consultation with or by) the cultural groups in question. That’s been going on forever; a more “cotemporary” example from the ocean liners would be Matson’s SS Lurline, as while its livery didn’t necessary reflect Hawaii, Matson’s marketing materials and staff did their best to promote the ship itself as being part of the experience of a trip to Hawaii.

    I’d agree with the American West Teamwork livery… Not a livery that would make me feel confident about the airline (needs to be a little more serious). Similarly, a letter from an elementary school principal to parents shouldn’t be printed in Comic Sans font, in my opinion, as it’s a bit too cutesy and informal.

    Finally, I’ve always found the Spirit livery garish and obnoxious, but I never thought or realized quite what they were going for until Brett mentioned the “NYC taxicab look” in a recent post. The livery still hurts my eyes, but with that perspective, I can see how it fits the airline very well, in terms of barebones, utilitarian transportation for the masses, and agree that in that sense it’s a great livery for Spirit.

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