Place Your Bids to Win a 1:100 Scale Model From Boeing and Help Train Pilots

Cranky Network Awards

We hope you enjoyed the Cranky Network Awards this evening. If you missed it, you’re going to want to watch it here.

For those who did watch, you saw at the end that we decided to auction off four models that Boeing provided for the event to a) make you not feel too left out at home and b) help support pilot training. This is how you do it!

These are no plastic models you find the airport gift shop. These are beautifully-crafted, 1:100 scale (except for the 777-9 which is 1:144) models that will make every Avgeek’s heart race that look a little something like this.

The five you can bid on are:

  • American Boeing 737 MAX 8
  • Boeing House Colors 777-9
  • Delta Boeing 717-200
  • Southwest Boeing 737 MAX 8 (Canyon Blue colors)
  • United Boeing 787-10 (Previous colors)

After shipping costs, the winning bids will be donated to the EAA to help fund pilot scholarships, so win a model and do good for the industry. Here are the details.

  • Bids can be submitted below through Monday, February 28 at 5pm Pacific Time.
  • Minimum bid is $50 per model.
  • The winning bid will include shipping to an address in the US or Canada. If you are outside these countries, you will need to pay extra for shipping.
  • If you want to bid on multiple units, you can submit multiple bids for as many as you’d like.
  • The winner will be contacted after the auction closes with a link to submit payment and a request for shipping address.

Thank you very much to Boeing for providing these models at the event!

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