Cranky on the Web: The Frontier/Spirit Merger

Cranky on the Web, Frontier, Spirit

What the Frontier-Spirit deal means for RDU, other mid-sized airportsTriangle Business Journal
Any time there’s a merger, every town wants to know what it means for them. I’ve spoken with a few outlets on the Frontier/Spirit merger, but I just don’t have answers. We don’t know enough yet, but it probably won’t be bad for any specific locality if I’m making my best guess.

What does Spirit-Frontier merger mean for South Florida?ABC 10 Miami
Here’s another local outlet, but South Florida has a huge vested interest in this since it has a big presence from both along with Spirit’s headquarters.

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2 comments on “Cranky on the Web: The Frontier/Spirit Merger

  1. Could a merger of two lessers = the least??

    Actually, the ULCC have a place. I tend to book travel 6 months or so out. Anyone want to bet their vacation on Frontier or the combination staying around? Not me.
    But others don’t care about such or legroom etc is not so much an issue. I do give props for NK and their big seat offering.

    The ULCC certainly help mid-sized/smaller airports get that per enplanement tax..err..’fee’ to levels that make any government body happy.

    And as triggering for some as it may sound, it feels like F9/NK cater to the ‘unwashed masses’. Right or wrong, there is a certain level of perception that goes with the brand.

  2. What comes to mind for me as far as South Florida is concerned is that I wonder what will happen to all of the corporate employees at their corporate office in Miramar. Although it’s impossible to tell for sure, it certainly appears that Frontier has the upper hand in this merger. Indigo Partners has a lot of money backing it and while this deal may appear to be complimentary, that’s only true for service. The real value here is in (and I’ve come to hate this term) “synergies”. Meaning that the combined airline can find savings by eliminating redundancies. If Frontier has the upper hand, this means that it is their offices that will stay mostly intact, while Spirit’s corporate office would take a beating if not be eliminated entirely. So, while South Florida media wrings their hands regarding cheap flights to Puerto Rico and such, this is the real story to watch.

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