3 Links I Love: Boom Silliness, Avelo in Connecticut, Southwest and Singapore Long Reads

Links I Love, Singapore Airlines, Southwest

This Week’s Featured Link

Boom overture still has many boxes to tickAirInsightGroup
I’d like to link to Jon Ostrower’s The Air Current article, but that’s behind a paywall, so I’ll link to this instead this week. There is a whole lot of skepticism around the reality of this order, and rightly so. I can’t imagine this actually happening by 2029.

Audio of the Week

I don’t think I’ve done “audio” of the week before, but here we are. Avelo’s head of strategy Robert Ashcroft sat down for a radio interview in Connecticut, and it’s a good listen. He drops some hints about where Avelo’s first routes from New Haven will fly, and I don’t think anyone will be surprised. He also says how many seats are expected to be on the 737-700, and it’s not a whole lot more than Southwest.

Two for the Road

Hot Pants, Love Potions, and the Go-go Genesis of Southwest AirlinesTexas Monthly
Southwest is 50, and Texas Monthly put together a lengthy, detailed look at the airline’s history. It’s worth a read, but make sure you have plenty of time available.

Singapore Airlines Concorde: The full storyMainly Miles
This may be a site mainly about miles, but this long look at the brief Singapore Airlines Concorde service is fascinating. I had seen the photos, but I knew nothing about it beyond that (via View From The Wing).

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