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Cranky on the Web: Memorial Day Travel Booms

Cranky on the Web

Memorial Day travel by Southern Californians will increase 64%, most going by carSan Gabriel Valley Tribune
It’s no surprise that there will be huge jumps in travel demand this weekend and through the summer. Travel is finally coming back, and I chimed in on what spots are doing best. This article is for a Southern California audience.

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2 comments on “Cranky on the Web: Memorial Day Travel Booms

  1. Hi Cranky Flier, as I was looking for flights from L.A. and San Francisco for Christmas to Italy, I was astounded at the high prices. Why is this? Didn’t they get a bunch of money for Covid? Is it because of the higher oil prices, etc.? I have waited over a year now….as everyone else… to visit Italy only to see prices increased!

    1. Mary – With travel so far away, the airlines are assuming demand will be back and they are pricing flights to match that demand. If it doesn’t materialize, then prices will come down. But for now, they’re feeling pretty bullish on people wanting to travel.

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