A New Cranky Talk is Live – The Big Airplane Demise


Savor this podcast. There will be no Monday post next week due to the holiday. I’ll be back Tuesday.

Cranky Talk – The Big Airplane Demise

Just like the dinosaurs before, there is a mass-extinction event going on in the airline industry right now. For the last 50 years, jumbo jets have been the standard for awesomeness, but they are rapidly disappearing. The pandemic has only accelerated the trend.

Why have all these big birds disappeared from our skies? Is it climate change? Illness? An asteroid? No, of course not. It’s just that there are other airplanes that are better adapted to what the world wants today. We talk all about it this week.

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Listen to the show for this week’s The Airchive trivia question. See if you know the answer and we’ll tell you if you’re right next time. And for all your avgeeky needs, head to TheAirchive.net for a treasure trove of photos, timetables, and more.

1 comment on “A New Cranky Talk is Live – The Big Airplane Demise

  1. Nice episode :)

    My first TATL experience was indeed a 747, specifically the -400, on BA, AUS-LHR (and then an A319/320 to EDI) in late 2018. Glad I got to experience that plane before it got retired, even if the hard product left something to be desired, even on the refreshed version.

    On top of that, my last TATL flight of 2019 (I slipped one more in pre-pandemic on a DL 767) was on a 380. MUC-SFO, and I got the row in E on the top deck that had two storage compartments aligned to my seat. 12 hour block time, but with that seat it wasn’t a big deal. Glad I caught it before it got mothballed as well.

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