How to Watch Tonight’s Cranky Network Awards


At long last, the big day is here. Tonight is the Cranky Network Awards presented by Ontario International Airport, Southern California’s easiest airport. Join us for the YouTube Premiere tonight, or tomorrow, depending upon where you live. Do you work for a nominated airline? Here’s a handy guide to what time it’ll be on at your headquarters:

  • 2pm – Honolulu
  • 5pm – Las Vegas, Long Beach, and Seattle
  • 6pm – Calgary and Denver
  • 7pm – Chicago, Dallas, and Fort Worth
  • 8pm – Atlanta, Fort Lauderdale, Montreal, New York, and Toronto
  • 9pm – Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, and Santiago
  • 1am – Oslo and Rome
  • 2am – Johannesburg
  • 3am – Doha
  • 4am – Abu Dhabi
  • 5:30am – Delhi
  • 9am – Seoul

You can actually go to the link now and set a reminder for the event. Both Courtney Miller and I will be on the chat on the YouTube Premiere to answer questions, talk shop, and delete all the ridiculous spam comments that seem to come with anything on YouTube. At least, we hope there will be some of those, because it’s a lot better than Court and I just talking to ourselves.

This will, of course, be available for replay after the event, but it’s a lot more fun to tune in live to see it with everyone else. It’s not even 40 minutes in length, so this isn’t an Oscars-style slog.

We’d like to thank the rest of this year’s sponsors…

We’ll see you tonight!

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15 comments on “How to Watch Tonight’s Cranky Network Awards

  1. CF – can you try to be a little more grounded please and realise that Oscar style hype doesn’t work on everyone ?

  2. Crankster–

    You perhaps should have added PHX to your list of 5pm starts with LAS/LGB/SEA, since AZ (the state, not your fave airline) recently began its yearly 7.5 month journey in its own unique time zone.

    1. Oldies – I put the airline headquarters in there for airlines that were nominated. (And, you know, Cranky HQ too.) Since Mesa wasn’t up for anything, Phoenix didn’t make the cut.

  3. I enjoyed the award show!

    Regarding your alleged feud with DL, I don’t think this is serious since you even recently communicated with DL regarding the focus city title. But their choice to invest on LATAM turned out tragic and awarding for it may look like a mocking. Hope DL didn’t take it that way, but if I were the decision maker, I wouldn’t want to do the reception speech (IF I still had the job).

    I understand some folks in B6 may not like you with its LGB history and you were a sharp observer all these years.

    I like how those reception speeches were casual with some behind stories. Hope you do it every year.

    1. HK – Thanks for watching. It’s not really a feud with Delta. They do answer my questions, but they just didn’t want to participate. The person I spoke with liked the idea initially, but then once I wrote a post they didn’t like, they just walked away.

      1. Great awards show Cranky! Interested to know what you wrote that upset the widget folks. Sorry they couldn’t just be a good sport about it, after all you criticize other airlines at times.

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever seen video of Vasu (I’m an avgeek but prefer to focus on planes/routes, not execs), but in appearance and attitude Vasu reminds me of a skinnier version of Nish Kumar, a British sketch comedian & satirist of Asian descent. They even dress similarly.

    If Vasu ever works with British Airways or becomes well known in the UK, I’m sure Nish will make a great SNL-style parody of him.

  5. Absolutely stellar job! I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope this will be an annual tradition. I know Alitalia hopes so! Are you going to do a best blog commenter/poster award next year?

    1. Thanks Chris and everyone else. We’re trying to keep the awards strictly to network/alliance and possibly revenue management, so if we add awards, it’ll be very narrow.

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