Announcing The Cranky Network Award Categories


We are only three weeks away from the first Cranky Network Awards on March 24 at 5pm PT/8pm ET! This week, Courtney Miller from Visual Approach Analytics and I are proud to announce the categories that we will be awarding that evening during the YouTube Premiere broadcast.

We chose 10 award categories that we thought would be both worthwhile and entertaining, no small feat. You can watch the short reveal video below.

If you really don’t want to watch reveal videos, well, fine. Here’s the list.

  • Sexiest New Route – Long-Haul
  • Sexiest New Route – Short-Haul
  • Stretch Award
  • Network Victory Award
  • Firestarter Award
  • Best New Partnership
  • Most Clever Flight Number
  • Best New Destination
  • Most Improved Network
  • Worst Airline Ever

With the exception of the last award, these are all positive award categories. I know some of you may have expected to see Cranky Jackass awards flying around, but that is not what we wanted to create. We want to award the network teams that have done good things, made bold moves, and had a little fun along the way. You probably have questions about these categories and what they entail… but you’ll just have to wait to learn more.

In our next video, we will announce the nominees for the first five categories. The week after, we will announce the nominees for the remaining five. And the week after that, it’ll be showtime.

Please mark your calendars for March 24 and be ready to join us for a live chat during the ceremony. (Since it’s pre-recorded, we can actually chat with you.) And then, next year… the goal is to do it in person in Southern California along with our presenting sponsor, Ontario International Airport.

We hope you can join us!

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6 comments on “Announcing The Cranky Network Award Categories

  1. Why not just cut to the chase and save time and rename the “Worst Airline Ever” award to the “Alitalia Award”?

    1. Doug – Well that wouldn’t be fun, would it? You’ll see how we handle this during the show. It’s a different kind of award.

  2. Are you implying that Alitalia isn’t a necessarily slam dunk for the “Worst Airline Ever” award? LOL!! I’m looking forward to this – if only to find out what some of these categories (such as the “Firestarter” or “Stretch” awards) mean.

  3. May I suggest, a “Hope” Award.

    Just today, March 3, a few miles east of Dulles, a clear blue sky, 55F, lovely drive back from my local Harris Teeter. I look up in the sky, and there it was, a beautiful contrail, then another one, each so brilliant, tiny, thin lines in the sky.

    I used to remember them, but I don’t see many of them anymore. I couldn’t see the actual aircraft. They were heading west-southwest. Heavens know why they were up there. This time of day used to be filled here with inbound European heavies… used to! Maybe all of these planes were empty, or filled with very sad people going somewhere to pay their last respects.

    To me, these contrails are like the crocuses. They just may be signifying things are about to change, as they always do. Hope!

    1. “To me, these contrails are like the crocuses. They just may be signifying things are about to change, as they always do. Hope!”

      I love this! We should be so lucky.

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