Now Available: Cranky Jackass Stickers and Busiest Airport Shirts


When we first rolled out Cranky merchandise, the response was overwhelming. I can’t think you enough for helping to support the team while travel remains slow, at best. Many of you had suggestions for things you’d like to see, and we’ve been working furiously on your ideas. Here’s what is now available:

Cranky Jackass Vinyl Stickers

We had several of you ask about the possibility of getting stickers with the Cranky Jackass logo on it. Your wish is our command.

These 3×3 inch stickers are made of vinyl, so they’re durable and will hold up well on pilot flight bags (as had been requested).

I took this opportunity refresh the logo a bit. I’ve cleaned up some of the rough edges and replaced the old Cranky airplane with the new one. This logo (minus the url) will be what is used going forward when an airline earns a Cranky Jackass award.

Order one (or 1,000) today

2019 Busiest Airport Shirts

The requests continue to pour in for new airport-specific shirts, and we have 78 of them now. Go take a look and see if your favorite is on there. If not, email us and we’ll work on it.

Some of you asked for a shirt with multiple airports on it, and so we came up with our 2019 Busiest Airport shirts. These shirts show the top 12 airports by passengers carried for 2019. Here’s the global one:

And here’s the US one:

Both shirts come in light and dark. You can see the full collection here.

Thanks, as always, for supporting Cranky.

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8 comments on “Now Available: Cranky Jackass Stickers and Busiest Airport Shirts

  1. Love it all, still trying to figure out which airport shirt(s) I need. But, somewhere along the line, did the jackass morph into a gazelle? Although Cranky Gazelle has a certain ring to it!

    1. At the risk of being the Cranky Jackass / Gazelle of the day, I have one more obscure, nit picky question… Why is the closed Concourse D not included on the CLE shirt while shuttered portions of PIT and STL remain? I can’t believe I’m even asking this!

      Regardless I’m going to order the US top 12 airport shirt and obviously the above question has no impact on that be one! :-)

      1. Bill – Fair questions. In Cleveland, the shuttered concourse is totally separate so I left it off. That’s not the case in the others where they are part of the same building. But hey, if people want to buy a shirt with concourse D, I am happy to add that.

        1. Don’t worry about it, I’ll stick to the top 12 for now! Thanks for your reply.

  2. As a Londoner it’s a shame that LHR is so un-photogenic from above.. definitely the ugliest footprint and just doesnt look right as a Tshirt.. Shame.. PVG looks like 2 Tiefighters in pursuit

  3. Loving the two shirts I got, have already had several people here in Tampa ask me “is that the airport?” (Haven’t been down to Bradenton to visit my brother in a while, so no love for SRQ yet.)

    Suggestion for a new shirt: LAX but with the runways (or at least the north runways) and location of Cranky Dorkfest shown.

    Speaking of Dorkfest, is 2020 cancelled or are you waiting to see how things look closer in? I still want to go, but I admit I’m hesitant about flying.

    1. cblock – Glad you like the shirts, and we had already been talking about a special shirt for Dorkfest, if it happens. It’s unclear at this point. My current plan is to not have anything special planned. Nothing with LAX like last year, and probably no giveaways at all. If it gets closer and we can do it, it’ll just be back to basics with eating burgers, watching airplanes, and talking shop… at a distance from each other. But I won’t really be able to make that call until it’s closer.

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