3 Links I Love: French Bee Interview, Flying Southwest In Hawai’i, KLM House No. 35

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This week’s featured link:

It’s easy to forget about French bee for a couple reasons. First, the airline has only 3 routes (Paris to Punta Cana, Reunion, and Papeete via San Francisco). Second, this is already the airline’s second name after it realized “French blue” might make JetBlue angry. I can only assume the airline is bleeding money, but the owners also own profitable Air Caraibes, so that can likely prop it up if so desired.

Image of the week: Getting a storm in late May in Southern California is weird enough, but thunderstorms that cause diversions? Pretty weird. This airplane came in from JFK and had to go to Long Beach. Once the weather cleared, it came back up to LAX (via Flightaware)

Two for the road:

Here’s What Our Southwest Airlines Flight from Honolulu to Kahului, Maui Was LikeHawai’i Magazine
The sub-head on this was “and it was better than we expected.” To that, I say… what were you expecting on such a short hop? It sounds like boarding wasn’t as horrible as they expected without seat assignments. Legroom was better than on the Hawaiian 717s. Also, and I’m guessing most importantly… super cheap and bags included. Yeah, not much to dislike. These $29 fares aren’t going to last forever, though.

The wonderful story behind miniature No. 35KLM Blog
The KLM blog is delightfully quirky, something you might say about the Dutch in general. Here’s a nice little heart-warming story from this week.

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6 comments on “3 Links I Love: French Bee Interview, Flying Southwest In Hawai’i, KLM House No. 35

      1. Ahh got you, ok, thank you, makes sense! We experienced the same bizarre storm pattern up in San Fran!

  1. 1) French Bee and Air Caraibes have created torture chambers with 9 across seating on an A330 and 10 across on an A350. I hope this fails.

    2) The Southwest model is perfect for island hops. Who really worries about seat assignments on those flights and with loads of tourists, including 2 checked bags in the fare makes them even more attractive. I flew Hawaiian from KOA – HNL – LIH and was unimpressed. Competition will be good.

    3) Cute story.

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