Cranky on the Web: When a Fortress Hub Is a Good Thing

Cranky on the Web, DFW - Dallas/Ft Worth

Why American Airlines’ DFW fortress hub isn’t so scary anymoreDallas Morning News
A fortress hub has long had a negative connotation. Even though it meant a ton of service, fares were usually high. But the DMN wrote this piece touting the benefits of a fortress hub at DFW and asked me to comment. Why? Because fares have declined in the face of new competition from guys like Spirit and Southwest across the way at Love Field. Basic Economy makes it easier for American to match and put low fares out there.

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9 comments on “Cranky on the Web: When a Fortress Hub Is a Good Thing

  1. Would love to see what you had to say, but the DMN has a paywall and, just on principle, I’m not going to put my 99 cents in their pocket.

    I haven’t flown to/through DFW since about 6 years ago; try to fly Delta exclusively these days.

    I enjoy reading “Cranky on the Web” and appreciate your insights.

  2. The graph shows average fares dropping in 2015. Spirit had already grown before then. What happened in 2015…oh wait it was Southwest post Wright Amendment growth. Just admit it, the Southwest effect is still relevant!

  3. Given the data in the article I don’t understand why PHX doesn’t get more love from AA. It’s nice to see the LHR flight but service to MEX has been reduced to once a day in recent years. I just don’t understand how they don’t get more international flights. Especially if LAX isn’t profitable.

    1. Michael – Well, LAX is going to be highly unprofitable because of the Asian routes which are just drains. Yet American has decided that it needs to have an Asian gateway in LA. So, numbers don’t matter to them in this case. It’s all about strategery.

  4. It’s rather interesting to note that American’s two most profitable airports are courtesy or the former US Airways. But I wonder how many hubs truly can be considered fortress hubs. There are always options if price is the main concern, and there are no areas in the country that can’t offer travelers alternative places to connect (i.e., Charlotte vs. Atlanta, Houston vs. Dallas-Fort Worth or Salt Lake City vs. Denver).

  5. Hmmm…site not available in the EU…

    If some kind soul could cut and paste the text into the comments…

    Keep up the good work cranky…you appear on my google stories feed along with the ERM…MSM…

    Wish I could have been at dorkfest….

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