3 Links I Love: The Lion Air Crash, An A220 Mini-Series, WOW’s Plan

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This week’s featured link:

Behind the Lion Air Crash, a Trail of Decisions Kept Pilots in the DarkThe New York Times
This accident has fascinated me since it happened, and the picture is becoming more clear. While Boeing undoubtedly should have done more to make sure pilots knew this MCAS system was onboard, the accident still shouldn’t have happened. It looks more and more like pilot error combined with maintenance issues.

Two for the road:

‘Best in Class:’ Delta teams prep the A220 for launch in miniseries premiereDelta News Hub
I love the C Series A220, and I haven’t even flown on it. But Delta isn’t hesitating to make sure everyone wants to get onboard. Here’s the first of a mini-series about bringing the A220 into the fleet. It started flying in revenue service this week.

Airlines’ ‘Mr. Fix It’ wants to save the world’s worst carrierCNBC
There’s a lot in that headline that makes me cringe, but Leslie over at CNBC did talk to Bill Franke, the man the kept WOW Air from failing with a last second investment. And from his quotes, it sounds like the plan is to keep trying to make low-cost, long-haul flying work. He just wants to simplify everything. I’m sure there’s more to it than that, but I remain pretty skeptical that this is going to work.

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9 comments on “3 Links I Love: The Lion Air Crash, An A220 Mini-Series, WOW’s Plan

  1. I know it was unintended, but this doesn’t sound right “Three links I love.. The Lion air crash..”

  2. To alleviate airport congestion, reduce energy costs, help alleviate the pilot shortage , would not  make  sense  to substitute more mainline jets on certain routes with larger but less frequent mainline jets,  It would result in the same number of seats.For example, if there are 6 regionals a day on a certain route, substitute 4 mainline jets???
    I believe the A220 might make this work

  3. It’s not like Bill Franke is an airline newbie. He may just find a way to keep WOW afloat. It’ss be interesting to see what he does.

  4. Bill Franke……those poor WOW employees. Trust me, better to be out of business than to have to work for that demon…

    Ultra low cost transatlantic long haul just doesn’t work.

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