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They say write what you know, right? Well, here’s a piece I put together on the next phase of the Long Beach terminal modernization. Frankly, I didn’t really pay close attention to the new plan originally, but this is going to make life much nicer for travelers (at an airport where life is already pretty nice). Possibly the most exciting from an airline dork perspective is that the original terminal building will be completely opened up as it used to be. You’ll be able to walk around and through the whole thing. Sure, it’s sad that it won’t play a central part in the actual air travel journey any more, but it’s just too small and in the wrong place to be useful in that way anymore.

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9 comments on “Cranky on the Web: Long Beach Modernization Part Deux

  1. This will certainly degrade the historic charm of flying out of Long Beach.  It will now be like any small airport.  Too bad.

    1. David – Just look right below your comment and you’ll see one of those very people. (Even though he left the neighborhood but still fights to shut the place down.)

  2. Hi Cranky, Sounds great… and I really like the “retro” return of the old terminal. I just hope this isn’t costing the Airport a ton of money! Surely they must know the flight ordinance won’t be allowing any more flights out of there. Oh and a really cool “retro” piece would be to hang the City Council meeting transcript when they promised the public that in adding a new 10,000’ runway could never be used for commercial traffic. Only for McDonald Douglas built aircraft delivery. Then saying, “our maximum allowed 15 Flights wouldn’t be exceeded”. Guess they meant to say “would”?

    1. Mr. Kowal, let me fill you in on some facts about the airport and the Noise Ordinance! First, there is no curfew at the airport. That’s right NO CURFEW! The Norise Ordinance changes noise limits to absurdly low limits so a single engine Cessna can’t even meet the limits. That’s how JetBlue can keep flying – they pay the fine – there is no curfew.

      Also, the ordinance allows for 25 more commuter flights – these can be up to 80 seats – that would bring the total flight to 75 flights! Also, the ordinance does allow additional mainline flight (over 41, and now possibly over 50) should certain noise limits be met.

      And it’s a complete fallacy that self serving real estate people use that the airport lowers house values! There is absolutely no correlation. The most expensive homes in Orange County are a stone’s through away from SNA. Also, keep in mind, everytime an anti-airport activist has made the city council, the airport has expanded. Edd Tutle was elected when there were only a handful of flights. By the time he left the council there were 41 flights. Rae Galebich came to the council to fight expansion and by the time she left LGB had a beautiful 12 gate concourse!

      It’s a shame that people like you filled the spineless city council with untruths regarding the customs facility. The city council made a committment to a great company only to back out because of anti-everything good for the city activists. Isn’t it ironic that a Sanctuary City doesn’t want to have flights to Mexico!?

        1. Yes, and yet again you provide a fallaciouos argument. One article references a 1980 study, in addition to 1997 and 2005 studies – all out dated. The newest airplanes such as the 787, A350, and 737MAX are significantly quieter and create half the pollutants previous generation aircraft did. The problem with the real estate and HUSH groups, you look for something to support the premise despite its accuracy. Please find a current 2018 study with more accurate information.

          Comparing LAX, ORD and other major airport and LGB is like comparing a battleship and a row boat. Please stop with the fallacies and support local businesses, including the airport.

          Isn’t coincidental that when all 50 flights started operating, the Long Beach hotel occupancy went past 80% – a level unheard of in the industry.

    1. Doug – Probably. It’s not the airport’s fault. The last operator just couldn’t make enough money. It worked better before the new concourse because there were no food options beyond security. But now that there are a bunch of good options, very few people want to sit outside security to eat. Maybe somebody will try it someday, but I’m not holding my breath.

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