Cranky on the Web: Dynamic Pricing’s Pros and Cons, More on JetBlue, Cranky Profiled

To work, dynamic pricing must be transparentTravel Weekly
Ok, so technically I wasn’t quoted in this piece, but instead the author used quotes from a post I wrote recently. I enjoyed the column, so I figured I’d link to it here so you’d see it.

JetBlue Tweaks Its West Coast Route Map as It Focuses on Profit MarginsSkift
Just some more thoughts on JetBlue’s West Coast strategy shift.

Meet Brett Snyder of Cranky Concierge in Long BeachVoyageLA
VoyageLA describes itself as telling “LA’s Most Inspiring Stories.” Fortunately, it’s not just limited to the city limits. They decided to do a little profile on me and Cranky Concierge, and you can read it here.

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You nailed it Brett about jetBlue in Long Beach in that article.

20/20 hindsight re: VirginAmerica
It would have been great if jetBlue outbid Alaska by $1 to get those assets – esp the slots in LAX. jetBlue would love more gates at LAX. They can not grow LAX – so what can they do?


Flew from PHX to KOA on AA663 direct…equipment was a B757 EW/HW we sat in row 16 and it was the absolute coldest seat on the plane. In fact rows 13 thru 18 were subject to what had to be a defect in design or a malfunction in air distribution thru a central rail design in the middle of the ceiling. Add to that the audio/visual system was defunct even though maintenance tried to fix it before we flew…6 hours and 15 min of flight time without that system working. If AA had not provided blankets I am sure I… Read more »


“Ok, so technically I wasn’t quoted in this piece, but instead the author used quotes from a post I wrote recently. ”

What scum, copying quotes without attribution.


JetBlue bid as much as it was willing to pay. It was not like they didn’t know Virgin America had LAX gates. Airports and airlines should be more willing to have remote stands and bus gates. LAX doesn’t snow and doesn’t rain much so perfect for remote stands. In fact, ONT before the new terminals were quite a bit outdoors as is LGB. BUR has some outdoor area in the terminal and boarding.

Tim Dunn
Tim Dunn

CF can add details but LAX was limited for years on the number of domestic gates it could operate and remote boarding positions were counted. There were some settlements and agreements which is why I will let CF provide an update but the bottom line is that virtually all CA airports are slot controlled or gate constrained to at least a certain extent. ONT does have fewer constraints than most large CA airports but it is much further from the biggest and richest air travel markets. B6 bid as much as it could with the perspective it add and a… Read more »