Cranky on the Web: Allegiant’s Growth Hurts Some Small Cities

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Monday is Labor Day (and my 40th birthday as well), so I’m taking the day off. Look for my next post on Tuesday.

Allegiant gone, now whatThe Vindicator
Allegiant had flown to Youngstown, Ohio for several years… but not anymore. With the airline now serving the same destinations from the two larger cities that closely bracket Youngstown (Pittsburgh and Cleveland) and Spirit serving Akron/Canton, that really sliced into demand for Youngstown service. I spoke with the local newspaper about the loss.

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11 comments on “Cranky on the Web: Allegiant’s Growth Hurts Some Small Cities

  1. Happy (early) Birthday, and get ready for the ‘old’ comments and black balloons with Mister Death wishing you a happy 40th. That’s what I got years ago when I hit the big 4-0.

    1. I got a box of Depends! Anyway…Happy Birthday Cranky and keep on Cranking for at least another 40.

  2. Youngstown or any city shouldn’t get used to ‘high’ times when it comes to Allegiant. Like you said, they aren’t loyal to anywhere that doesn’t bring in lots of money.

  3. You’re 40 years old and you have a successful small business, a beautiful wife, a young avgeek in training, one of the most influential blogs in the industry, and you get quoted by national news outlets on a regular basis… Life could be worse! :-)

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