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Cranky on the Web

Cranky Flier: The Low Cost Transatlantic Airlines You May Never Have Heard

Cranky Flier: The Rise Of Basic
I don’t think I ever posted my second post as part of liligo’s sponsorship of the blog, so here’s that one as well as my third and final post. The first link is about some of the low cost Transatlantic options that are out there today. The second is about basic economy. Thanks again to liligo.

Doyle Owens, Founder of the Unclaimed Baggage Center, Dies at 85The New York Times
I can’t say I’ve ever been quoted in an obituary before. The Unclaimed Baggage Center down in Alabama lost its founder and I was asked to provide my take. I love what they did down there. They made a business out of nothing, and turned it into something good.

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David SF eastbay
David SF eastbay

“””you’ll pay the same price you paid before, but now you’ll get less”””

That’s like shopping at the grocery store. You’re still paying the same, but package size/quantity is getting smaller.

David SF eastbay
David SF eastbay

I like the purple colors Wow and Wiz use.


Nice articles there as always Brett. Though I don’t exactly get how Turkish is considered a low cost airline when from what I heard (since I’ve never flown with them) they’re pretty grand. Anyway, another suggestion for Airlines We Lost: one of the more interesting airlines to go down this year was Malaysia’s Rayani Air, which was hyped as the country’s first shariah-compliant airline (even though the airline was owned by a pair of Hindu businessmen and not Muslims). Anyway, the airline lasted only six or seven months before its license was revoked by Malaysia’s government. The highlight (or lowlight?)… Read more »