On Track to Return, Thanks, and a Question


I’m back from vacation, fitted with a fancy splint, and ready to get back to work. Oh sure, proper typing is still months away and that reality is settling in, but I’m up for the challenge. Don’t worry. I’m not just writing a post to tell you I’m writing a post tomorrow. That’d be pretty obnoxious. I actually have two things to discuss.

First, thanks to everyone for all the well-wishes, All those tweets, emails, and yes, even Facebook messages (I really don’t like Facebook) were received and appreciated. I’d like to give triple bonus appreciation to those thoughtful folks who, realizing a response would require typing, made it clear that I shouldn’t bother writing back.

But perhaps the greatest appreciation of all goes to American Airlines. When I got home from my trip, I had a giant card waiting for me, signed by forty members of the communications and social teams. Why do I appreciate this more than the rest of your notes? Well, take a look.

AA Get Well Card

That’s right. The graphic design team incorporated my broken finger quite nicely… while not-so-subtly giving me the finger. I really hope that was done on purpose, because it makes it that much better. Thanks AA!

Now, for the last point. How do you feel about live-streaming or a podcast? I’m tempted to replace my Tuesday post with something that doesn’t require typing for a couple months. Let me know your thoughts in the poll below and in the comments.

Keep in mind that if I try this and it goes well, I’d likely just move the live stream/podcast to Wednesdays when the Tuesday post returns. I know some of you long-time readers still bemoan the loss of Wednesday posts many years ago, so this could be good news… maybe.

Which would you prefer for the next couple months while my broken finger recuperates?

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I’ll be back with real airline discussion tomorrow.

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27 comments on “On Track to Return, Thanks, and a Question

  1. I’d be happy with a Podcast over anything live as then I can download and listen more easily on my flights

    Glad to hear recovery going well!

  2. I concur with Noah… Something to listen to asynchronously :) We can then comment back as necessary…

    Having had a very similar situation happen to me… I can empathize with you. It sucks especially in today’s day and age!

  3. A podcast would be great. Not being familiar with how that part of technology works is there a way to view a podcast at anytime or does it have to be at a set time.

  4. I’d actually be interested in trying both the Busker as well as the podcast…. see how each works perhaps.

    Otherwise, glad the recovery is going well.

    1. Although I voted for the podcast option, I think OhioExile’s idea is a good one.

      Best wishes on your continuing path to full recovery. Occupational therapy has been invaluable to me for hand (including finger) injuries I have incurred. I credit it for returning my hands, and particularly my fingers, to full dexterity and strength without pain when the orthopedic surgeon did not think that possible.

  5. I do miss my almost-daily dosis of information I never thought I’d find interesting, but the most important thing is that you get well. My preference are the articles and not a podcast. On the other hand, I think it’s best for you to take your time, so it’s better than nothing :).

    My choice would be ‘a podcast until you’re completely ok again’.

    By the way, awesome card from AA, with humor. Loving it!

  6. While posts are the best (because they’re quick reads and contain good content), I strongly prefer podcasts over Busker or other video, as I can listen on the go. I avoid watching much video at home (because of young children), and obviously not at work, and finding a time when I can interactively participate is tricky.

    Good luck with the hand!

  7. I vote for Option D: Each Tuesday Brett hits a different LA based airport with a video camera and does a rolling commentary of the place.

    1. Actually not a bad idea.

      Maybe for the finale Brett could pigeonhole some LAWA execs and ask them some really tough questions.

      Also, the “Across the Aisle” interviews would work well, if edited, as podcasts.

  8. Brett – I’d encourage you to try the podcast. Your “Across the Aisle” interviews on a podcast would be very popular, I’m sure! Continue with the recovery – I can see it hasn’t slowed your thought processing one bit – quite the contrary actually! Well done – and thanks for all you do!

  9. glad that you are on the cusp of your return….

    The beauty of your blog is that it allows lots of people to “drop in and participate” on their schedule – duplicating that to the greatest degree possible will keep people connected while you recover.

    Given that most people read faster than they listen, a lot of readers will be spending more time listening than they do reading – which could impact participation.

    To the extent possible, I would suggest at least some bullet points on the blog for written interaction with a podcast.

  10. I voted for Podcast for exactly every reason BigDaddyJ has already mentioned. I hope this turns in to a permanent weekly post.
    Get well soon!

  11. I’d listen to a Cranky Podcast. Your Across the Aisle segment would be a perfect fit, but you could also get some AvGeeks on there to debate the issues of the day. Having this page as a discussion board would be a fun way to interact.

  12. Brett;

    Glad you are making progress!

    I prefer written.

    Make some notes, then dictate/record your post Have someone on your team transcribe, then review & hit send—-one finger only ?


  13. Sending good karma for a full and speedy recovery. I’d welcome a live stream on Facebook if you are up to it.

  14. This is getting too complicated. Probably soon be follow-up surveys as to how we like the questions, how likely we are to keep reading the blog, how likely we are to recommending it to our friends, etc., etc.!

    And, it all started with a dog! Just admit that you’re getting too old to walk the dog, and get on with your life!

    Luv’ ya’, and the dog! Now let’s discuss among ourselves “Airline Computer Glitches: The Truth as to why these are happening, and…oh, what fun Bob Crandall would be having if he were in charge today!

  15. Welcome back, Brett. I’d love the live session but at what hour? I’m likely not the only reader who si almost literally on the other side of the clock from you. Podcast would thus be best, so, as others have already mentioned, we whiners wouldn’t be saying “it’s at the wrong time for us, wa, wa, wa” ;-)

  16. If you’re going to go with video, I’d actually just prefer a Youtube vlog myself – between work, etc., I’m not really in a position to participate in live events, and I’d prefer video to audio-only.

    Or have you considered just getting a Cranky Intern who can type for you?

  17. I have great sympathy for your predicament and the difficulty you must be having typing – I genuinely do. However, I just don’t have time to listen to a podcast – a fluent english speaker can read at 200 words per minute with no great difficulty; if you’re speaking and want to be understood it should be no more than about 100 words per minute.

    By all means drop one post per week while your finger/hand is recovering, but if someone has a job in an office, listening to that podcast just isn’t really an option during working hours.

    Sorry if this hurts, but this is just the way I see it

  18. A podcast would be great—but maybe more like 20 minutes? You could spend 10 minutes on a main story, plus mention a few smaller news items, ideas, and questions that come up but that might be too small to write up on their own.

  19. I voted for podcast. I can consume it in my car, or through headphones while doing other mindless things. I like Jack in SFO’s idea of ten minutes on a main story, plus another 10 minutes on smaller items. Whatever works for you while you heal.

    Make sure you go to Physical Therapy and Rehab to get back full use of your hand/fingers.

    Get well soon!

  20. Alright, so feedback is pretty clear that a podcast is preferable to a live stream. I’m going to try to put one together for next week. Let’s see how it goes.

  21. The podcast is actually a cool idea. I’ve been looking for an aviation podcast to listen to that focuses less on pilotage and more on industry/management talk.

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