I’m Taking a Break Until October 18


Thanks to everyone for the well wishes over the last few days. I had the surgery on my hand yesterday morning, and everything went well. Of course, “well” means that I’m probably going to be in a lot of pain and high on Vicodin for a few days. So, I could try to really master this voice recognition stuff and bust my butt to put out stories, or I could slow down. For once, I’m doing the latter. I’m taking a break.

This is the last post I’m putting live until Tuesday, October 18th. Why Tuesday? Well I had vacation planned for next week anyway, but I was going to write posts on the normal schedule before I left. This way, I can just enjoy the break and focus on figuring out how to function with one hand. Then I can start writing again on the 17th. My goal is to get back to a normal schedule then. It sounds like my hand is going to be in this cast for 3 to 4 weeks so I really do need to learn how to function. Thanks for your patience with all of this. I look forward to getting back to normal soon.

I’m sure the issue now is you don’t know how to spend all your free time. I have a solution. May I suggest the 697-page study on a customs facility in Long Beach? Or perhaps the additional 23 page memo from the city? (Hint: It says what we all knew to be true. JetBlue and a couple private jets would be the only ones to use it and there wouldn’t be any adverse impacts other than cost. Shock.) That’ll keep you busy for weeks.

And for those real or wannabe doctors out there who are curious what happened… wanna see some x-rays? Here’s a picture of my broken left middle finger:

Before Surgery

As you can see, a piece of the bone above the top knuckle broke off and was sitting at a 90-degree angle to where it should have been. The tendon was totally intact but attached to the broken piece, so they had to put it back together. Just call me Humpty Dumpty.

Here’s what it looks like now:

After Surgery

That’s right I have one screw and two pins, but fortunately those pins will go away within a couple of weeks. I will have the screw for good, but my doctor assures me that I should still be good to go through the metal detectors at the airport without setting them off. Whew.

Anyway, thanks again for your patience. I’ll be back on October 18th. Seeya!

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39 comments on “I’m Taking a Break Until October 18

  1. Ha ha ha… yep, it would not bode well in future if, when the alarm goes off, you look at the TSA agent and say: “Oh, I know what the problem is!” and hold up your middle finger! Good luck with the recovery, Cranky!

  2. Good to see you’re taking your time to recover. Of course I’ll miss your blogs, but your health is so much more important. Enjoy your vacation!

  3. Yes, taking a break is a smart idea … you’re a regular dynamo, I’m sure the rst will do you good. Don’t worry, we won’t leave ya. Feel better soon.

  4. Be sure you get a “I have metal in my body but it isn’t westernized” card from your doctor.

    I have two knee replacements, a dental implant, and a screw in my foot., I’ve never set off a metal detector.

    With those, anyway. Grommets in shoes and a large metal barrette beeped.

    I enjoy your down time.

  5. I repeat all get well wishes from above.

    Talk about giving all of us the middle finger with ex-rays to boot! LOLOLOL

  6. Glad to hear you are taking a break (for once!!) I hope some new insights emerge from this.
    Big hi to K~

  7. It’s a good thing you didn’t break your tail bone, those pictures would have gotten a X-rating on the site…LOL

  8. Good for taking care of yourself Brett.
    The industry will still be here in 1.5 weeks. :)

    L’Shana Tovah

  9. Get well and enjoy the break. It’ll give you a chance catch up on your technical journals.

    Or watch many classic aviation videos on YouTube – I was watching one on the Boeing 377 last night. New York to London in just 12 hours!

  10. Well… hope you’ll be feeling well enough to enjoy your break. Time to use this companion pass !!!…
    Looking forward to the new addition to trip reports : did the screw set off the letal detector and/or body scan ! :-)

  11. Good move. Maybe you can now take some time and read up on every airline’s latest version of their Contract of Carriage and let us know which one you think is best, from a consumer’s/customer’s point of view.

    Mine would be something about 50 pages long, each page prominently annotated “This page Intentionally Left Blank.” Of course, any good airline lawyer, including those for Airlines for America, would quickly point out to know-nothing me that such a contract of carriage still must be interpreted in whatever manner the airline wants it to be interpreted. Precedents, custom of the trade, 22nd Freedom, legislative history of the Wright Amendment, ipso facto, world without end, whatever!

    Looking forward to your return.

  12. Speedy healing, Brett! Crap seems to take to heal than you think it should, but hopefully this is an exception.

  13. Hands are pretty complex instruments: do all you can to give yours the best possible opportunity to heal completely. Rest and recover well!

  14. D’OH!

    WEAPONIZED, not WESTERNIZED.  Damn autopilot.  Darn me for not reading before sending.  Someday I’ll learn. Yesterday was not that day.

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  15. Best wishes of succes, Luis Rafael Jofré Senior Travel Writer High Maipo Wine Valley at Santiago de Chile

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