Cranky on the Web: New Airlines in Small Cities, More Alaska/Virgin America, Multi City Fares

Cranky on the Web

Cranky on the Web
Growth in flights at YNG bucks US trendsYoungstown Vindicator
Youngstown is getting a new airline to fly to Chicago. I spoke to the reporter extensively about how this is doomed, though of course only bits and pieces made the final cut.

Alaska Air seeks California edge with Virgin America acquisitionTravel Weekly
More talk about the Alaska Virgin America merger.

Airlines in America are stamping out multi-city airfaresGulliver – The Economist
Three Big Airlines Just Trashed Your Cheap FaresBloomberg
This multi-city airfare story keeps getting bigger, and multiple media outlets have come to me asking for my thoughts. I’m actually working on another post here for next week talking about how things are actually getting worse.

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6 comments on “Cranky on the Web: New Airlines in Small Cities, More Alaska/Virgin America, Multi City Fares

  1. Several weeks ago I priced out a ML for ORD-SFO-BUR-ORD on UA and noticed the “lowest available fare” option was gone and the flex fare was over $1,200. But I booked separate and it was under $500. Similar story to the one CF mentions in this article. Now though, I’ve priced another ML trip on UA and the lowest available fare option is back.

    Did UA go back to the normal fare structure or is this just a one-off?

    1. ORDflyer312 – Well the airlines are all trying to backtrack as much as they can, but it’s not across the board. I’m writing this one up for Monday.

  2. If ‘the little airline that could’ can get a local loyal following from YNG and CHI, they might do ok. But while people say they want a certain service, doesn’t mean they will use it. Prices may be ok, but people still want the mileage from the three big alliance carriers and will still travel to other near by cities.

  3. Did the big airlines think their pricing game was going to go unnoticed by the traveling public and the media? Hopefully the news media has done a good job of getting the word out so the average person will know to book things separately and not pay an outrageous price the big 3 think people will pay to travel around the USA.

  4. Youngstown is about 1 hour from Pittsburgh and 1:15 from Cleveland; keep reducing service at these two airports, and Youngstown might be fine…

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