3 Links I Love: United’s Board Compromise, HNA Strikes Again, Fear of Flying

Links I Love

United Airlines to agree with funds to revamp board: CNBCReuters
Could United’s board room antics finally be coming to an end? Reports say the company might cave to the demands of the investors. If this comes to fruition, I’ll be curious to see if Gordon Bethune does come in as the board chair, or if there is a compromise allowing someone else less polarizing to take the reins.

Links I Love

China’s HNA to Buy Airline Caterer Gategroup for $1.5 BillionBloomberg
My post was just one day too early. Had I waited, I could have seen (as was mentioned in the comments) that HNA ended up buying Gategroup. Not a failing airline, but it is a money losing airline caterer. Close enough.

Modern cures for a fear of flyingGulliver – The Economist
Look, any post that talks about B.A. Baracus is going to instantly win me over, but there are some really interesting stats in here about fear of flying, and some potentially useful remedies.

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6 comments on “3 Links I Love: United’s Board Compromise, HNA Strikes Again, Fear of Flying

  1. On a recent flight a guy across the aisle had some serious aviophobia. He filled up the air sickness bag when they pushed back from the gate. Thankfully it was only a 90 min flight and he had already emptied his stomach.

  2. Amen on the positive comment on the last link. It hadn’t occurred to me before that fear of flying has multiple causes. I used to be mildly fearful, but I found a number of ways to cope over the years. One is to try to always fly the same airline, routing, and if possible the same seat number. That (for me, anyway) gives a bit more of a feeling of security. In recent years I’ve found that on some routes out of Albuquerque it doesn’t cost much more for first class than it does for “extra room” coach seating plus bag fees, when booked a month or two in advance, which I generally do anyway. The less crowded and tense atmosphere is reassuring.

    After reading the article, I think I figured out WHY flying makes me tense. When I was a very small kid I got separated from my parents in a large department store, and somehow got onto an elevator. Some of the sensations of flying are similar to being on an older-style elevator. Hallelujah, I’m cured! .

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