The Only Posting Today is a Job Posting (or Two)


I’m sure you were expecting a regular post today, and I was expecting to write one. But I was hit with a nasty flu on Tuesday morning and didn’t even make it out of bed until later yesterday. I just couldn’t pull together a post.

I’ve been sick a lot this winter, and I’ve missed two important events becauseCranky Concierge logo of it (I was supposed to be at Allegiant media day yesterday). While part of it is certainly having two little kids that bring home germs from the petri dish that is pre-school, I think another part of it is that I’m spreading myself too thin.

Don’t worry, I’m not cutting back posting, but I do need to free up more of my time so that I’m not always exhausted. Cranky Concierge has grown a great deal, and that is keeping me very busy. More importantly, it’s overwhelming the people that work for me too, so the time has come to hire more people.

Today we’re putting up two new jobs. One is for someone who is an award travel expert and the other is for regular flight bookings. See below for the links, and make sure to read through the entire posting for details on how to apply.

Award Travel Architect – helping people use miles and money for flights plus monitoring

Travel Architect – booking and monitoring flights

If you’re interested or know anyone who might be, then please send them our way! And I’ll be back to regular posts as usual next week.

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13 comments on “The Only Posting Today is a Job Posting (or Two)

  1. Your health is more important than anything, so I hope you get well soon! I also hope you’ll find great people to assist you expanding Cranky Concierge.

    Drink a nice warm cup of tea (no, I’m not British), get under the blankets and beat the %@#$ out of that flu!

  2. Good move Brett – You have been an extremely valuable and needed addition to the exploding aviation travel industry, and we need to have you continue to keep in good physical and mental health. Nothing more dangerous than stress to stop one in his tracks. I know, because it almost ended my time here on this good earth some 22 years ago. Good luck on getting the qualified persons you need.


    “All Day Ray” Uribe Southwest Airlines – Retired Flight Training Instructor

  3. Happy to hear that Concierge is doing so well but why’d you usurp the title “Architect” for your positions? As a registered Architect in multiple states (in the traditional designing buildings role) it’s a pet peeve of mine. Go on any employment website and search Architect and 99 of 100 postings are for IT positions. Grrrr. Makes my job postings virtual needles in a haystack.

    1. Ninjas are having the same problem lately. When I go in to Chase I’m introduced to a “relationship manager”. (Really I just need a bank teller. But I do think the title “architect” as applied to other creative work sounds classy.

    2. Even in IT the title is way overused. No one is a developer or engineer (heaven forbid, programmer) anymore, everyone is doing “architecting” these days. :/

      Cranky, are there any legal restrictions on the term “travel agent” in CA that would prevent you from using that term? I see you have a CST # on your website.

    1. Different strokes for different folks, perhaps, but I actually find it fascinating how different cultures respond to these kinds of differences, because certainly here in the Netherlands, such a title would be met only with confusion. It’s not about judgment; it’s truly just difference. Less is more here, and plenty of Dutchies will explain to you what’s not so good about that. “Just be normal,” we say.

      But it seems in the US, it’s socially “lesser” to be “only” a teller, sales or service agent, etc.?
      But here, there is no shame in it – there’s no temptation to inflate one’s sense of self, because no one is judging you, and everyone is going to see right through the exaggeration. What I found a bit odd was that when working in North America, it seemed they also recognized the exaggeration as well, but everyone just plays along anyway.

  4. Get Well Soon! Glad to see you recognizing the signs of being spread too thin and taking action, it’s a lesson I’ve never learnt well!

    I’ll give you a pass on the job title because 1) you’re sick and 2)any professional architect that stumbles on this in a job search needs some help on how to do a job search!

    As a civil engineer I’ve gotten quite used to Engineer being used wrong all the time, and who knows what a project manager is these days!

  5. Get well soon + good luck! I’m sure you will be able to attract well qualified people.

    From experience – you provide a SUPERB service!

    Thank you!

  6. Ah yes, I remember people getting worked up about the title last time as well. We could use the term travel agent, but then people think of a traditional travel agent, and that’s not what we do. We came up with this title years ago because it seemed to best describe what we did. Sorry to all the architects in the world who take issue with this, but it’s not changing.

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