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If you live in LA and are looking for something to do today, I’ve got a plan for you. (If you work for an airline, check the loads and find an empty seat to LAX while we’re at it.)

Today is Cranky Dorkfest. I’ll be at the little park across from the In ‘n Out by LAX from 1030a to 130p with other airline dorks. We’ll watch airplanes and in between arrivals… we’ll talk about Jeff Smisek.

As a reminder, there is no organized program here. It’s just an opportunity to get together, watch airplanes, and talk shop while eating a Double Double.

Oh, and for those who are already planning on coming, it’s gonna be hot. Fortunately, it’s cooled down from the insanely high heat earlier this week, but it’s still going to be in the eighties. So wear shorts, bring your sunscreen, and I’ll see you there.

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10 comments on “Today is Cranky Dorkfest

  1. Hey folks,

    The WestJet social media team and Ops teams have arranged a little surprise for you: our #MagicPlane is en route to you as WS1422. EON 11:30 a.m. Catch Mickey the Sorcerer on our most spectacular Boeing 737-800 later this morning.

    WestJet Social Media

  2. Hate American AL for many reasons. This time the bording experience made me very cranky! Bottom line they really don’t care and it shows. I hope they go under soon. I travel on business and like to take my carry on. Flew with it from Orlando to Dallas and Dallas to LA. But at LAx to HNL, the gate “guard” would not allow it on the plane so it was checked. The guy insisted it would not fit, idiot, I had de planed an hour before the same aircraft I was bording. One thing is for sure he did not single me out, half of the overhead compartments are empty with some the bags being bigger than mine. I he this is the last time I fly AA.

  3. Great seeing you all and meeting new folks. I was a little dazed after coming off a trans-Pac, but y’all made it fun!
    Hopefully I can make it back next year and spend a bit more time and perhaps I’ll bring a lounge chair.
    Cheers everyone!

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