Thanks for Coming to Cranky Dorkfest

Cranky Dorkfest

Thanks to everyone who came to Cranky Dorkfest at the In ‘n Out at LAX yesterday. It was a great gathering of probably about 40 people in total, if not a few more than that. And special thanks to WestJet for actually arranging to have a special liveried-aircraft land at LAX while we were there.

Though we started with a few sprinkles (thanks, Hurricane Linda), that stopped quickly. And the high overcast that remained kept things comfortable.

This year, with runway 24R closed, most of us congregated toward the far end of the park to watch the airplanes come and and go. Here’s a photo that Seth from Wandering Aramean took of many of us gathered together.

That pose didn’t last long, however. It was back to watching airplanes immediately after.

Cranky Dorkfest 2015

WestJet gave us a pretty awesome surprise by arranging for the airline’s Magic Plane to operate flight 1422 into LAX today just for Dorkfest.

Sure enough, the airplane came in right as promised.

Thanks to everyone who came this year. We’ll do it again next September to celebrate the blog’s 10 year anniversary. I’ll post here once the date is finalized.

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5 comments on “Thanks for Coming to Cranky Dorkfest

  1. That is awesome from WestJet. I wasn’t there, but it gives me a favorable impression of WestJet that they participated like that.

  2. A fine, fine-looking group.

    Just a heads-up, the annual FedEx/Special Olympics Plane Pull is at Dulles this Saturday, the 19th, 10:30a to 3:45p. An C-17 is scheduled for display, plus others.

    If arrivals go as they typically do in the afternoon, the view of landings on 19 Center are a real treat–just about every type of aircraft coming in from a transatlantic trip. Check your timetables!

    If you want to, head in to DC, you might see the Pope, too, on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. He won’t be at Dulles as I understand, but…!

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