Topic of the Week: oneworld Priority vs SkyTeam SkyPriority

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Last week, oneworld rolled out its new alliance-wide premium service branding… oneworld Priority. I assumed this was the same as SkyTeam’s longstanding SkyPriority, but there is a subtle difference. SkyPriority is the overwhelming alliance-wide branding that is always in white type on a red background. On the other hand, oneworld Priority is more like a tag that just gets added more subtly to existing branding.

What do you like best? Should there be more prominent alliance-wide branding or is a less prominent tag better?

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9 comments on “Topic of the Week: oneworld Priority vs SkyTeam SkyPriority

  1. The airlines seem to always be more excited about these things then the traveling public who pays their salary, so it’s no big deal to me.

    But I thought it funny how this new branding is starting at the bottom of the world in Perth. Guess they think starting from the bottom and working up will make the program seem like it’s getting better.

  2. One world is a joke. Some of the time when you show them your AA EXECPLAT card they still won’t let you in because there are no seats left in the club or they say I am not qualified. But the worst is that you can’t book seats in advance from the web page and when you call AA they will tell you if its a BA or IB flight they won’t allow advanced seat reservations unless you pay extra. Yet on AA metal I can. One world should equal consistency.

    1. No need to pay extra on BA or IB operated flights Fred if you’re AA ExecPlat / oneworld Emerald. Ask for the operating airlines’ booking reference and either go to their website or call them. As long as your AAdvantage number shows up properly on their side, the seat map will be unlocked.

    2. I had this issue recently on UA/LH.

      Full Fare J class DFW -> ORD -> FRA -> PRG ….No lounge access in DFW.
      DFW -> ORD operated by UA.

      Then returning

      PRG -> FRA -> IAH -> DFW .
      IAH -> DFW operated by UA.

      No lounge access in IAH where I had a 4 hour layover and really wanted a shower. Was told that if I was on UA metal, no problem, but since I flew LH, no dice.

      Never had this issues flying AA/BA DFW -> LHR -> EUROPE .

      1. The difference is for UA *G, you need to be on an international flight to use the United Club, or be on UA metal for both domestic and international segments.

  3. This seems like a completely pointless exercise to me, and even likely to cause confusion as “OneWorld Priority” isn’ a blanket thing that you either do or don’t have but is qualified in different instances by whichever of the 3 “gemstones” are displayed next to the logo. And I’m not quite sure how they’ll square this with the airlines own branding, signage etc for benefits which are afforded by class of travel rather than status.

  4. This was a missed branding opportunity. It should been called PriorityOne and used consistently across all carriers. I think it was brilliant that SkyTeam did that .

  5. You can say a lot about SkyTeam and its roster of poorly-cooperating airlines (Korean, Air France, Aerolineas Argentinas, etc.) but one thing you have to give them credit for is the roll-out of Sky Priority and how well it works.

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