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What you need to know about JetBlue’s new bag feesUSA Today
I’ve already written about this extensively here, but I also spoke with USA Today about JetBlue new fare families.

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4 comments on “Cranky on the Web – JetBlue’s Bag Fee

  1. There’s nothing “customer friendly” about increasing fees, creating complicated “fare families” and then making it so that this information is only available on their own website.

    I’m amazed that anyone can defend this as customer friendly. It’s investor friendly, of course, but there is no way customers can benefit from this. The fares for those not checking bags will stay the same, everyone else will pay more to check them. Those who can’t decipher this “fare family” matrix might pay even more than they should have.

    Unfortunately, with consolidation in the airline industry, it’s not like anyone has much of a choice, so most people will probably put up with it.

  2. “Customer friendly”???

    If you need an article or comparison chart to explain new fare categories, that is NOT customer friendly.

    We’re expected to believe that people with carry-ons were actively complaining they were subsidizing those darn baggage compartment folks?

    How about just saying we’re going to raise prices by $15 so you can still bring your bag for free? Now that’s customer friendly! Actually, not sure how that’s customer friendly.

  3. JetBlue’s Blue Fare fees range from $20 to $25 for a first checked bag, while the Blue Plus includes two bags. All passengers will pay $100 for a third checked bag. For a domestic flight, many major U.S. airlines charge $25 for a passenger’s first checked bag and $35 for the second bag

  4. I don’t understand why anyone flies anymore. It’s a nightmare. If the general public boycotted flying for a few months maybe the airlines might ouch a little and return a little customer service. But I come from a time when air travel was special. I guess a whole lotta people just have no idea how it used to be. I’m not saying we go back to that but the airlines are exploiting the public and people just take it.

    STOP FLYING for a little while.

    Make them hurt.

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