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Frequent Flier Programs

Do airline loyalty programs have a future?Bullingdon Post
This is a new site, and I was asked to participate in a panel with Gary from View from the Wing and Ben from One Mile at a Time on the future of frequent flier programs. We did not see what each other said in advance so this wasn’t a debate. Also, I wrote these as my preliminary first answers before realizing that editing wasn’t allowed after the fact. Still, it was a fun exercise, and I think, worth a read.

Lastly, this wasn’t on the web, but Delta decided that being named the undisputed heavyweight champion regarding on-time performance on this blog deserved a real life trophy. And here’s a close up of the inscription. Nice work, Morgan. And congrats to the ops team.

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13 comments on “Cranky on the Web – Debating Frequent Flier Programs,

  1. Thanks for the post to the panel, and the feedback. It is a great point, and the team are working on a release shortly that will allow a panelist to check / edit their responses before they submit them.

    Bullingdon Post team

  2. Thanks for posting. It was interesting to read all the different responses. I thought you responses were really helpful, especially for those of us that don’t fly that often.

  3. I’d love to know what those airline CEO’s really think about a lot of things, though I do know Bob Crandall (AA) once said…..”If pilots were in charge, Columbus would still be in port”.

  4. Off topic, but you might want to have a word with your ad supplier. Right now this page is has two ads from an Asian dating site asking me “Wanna Date Hot Pilippine Women Online?” With some youngish Philippine women in somewhat suggestive poses. Don’t think that is explainable by them tracking what other corners of the Internet I have recently visited with this browser.

      1. I’ll take a look at the screenshots and give you the site names. After the Philippino women it switched to Chinese gals.

        Today it is all better with an ad for an Air Medical Transport service. Book now, it says. Weird targeting.

      2. And now: … A pro concealed guns website. They really have me pigeon holded in a funny way. I guess I should tap on all of them just to burn their marketing budget and support this site.

  5. Thanks Brett for keeping the discussion going on this. I’m in the process of transitioning my career from desk jockey to road warrior requiring 1 to 2 trips per month via the friendly skies. Some trips coast to coast, some western states and 1 trip to Europe each year.

    Being a relative newby to this game, I decided to get an airline card wanting free checked bag, priority boarding and maybe enough miles to take the Mrs on a vacation. I’ll use this card to even shop best rates on other airlines too as I’ll have no chance getting some form of status named elite or after a diamond.

  6. As a retired UA (18 1/2 yrs) and a 2 million mile 1K I have been freed from flying UA exclusive. UA has devalued my miles. Every destination is double miles ONLY, even if the flight is empty. I only get canned responses from them. With fuel prices going down UA doubled the Business price SFO/SYD, while other airlines have lowered their fares. They say it is because there are no seats available! The 777 I was trying book had 2 seats sold in 1st and 8 in Business with coach very light. Their canned answer freed to book another Airline for 3. UA cost $31,000, the airline of the year $16,500. They have freed me from UA Milage plus. My travel agent is 2 3 million miler and he is no longer booking UA. I do not think we are the only two that are pissed at UA. UA has always been a “me too” airline, and once again they are following Delta over the cliff. Free at last Free at last!!

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