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Topic of the Week: 2014 Flying Summary


Well that’s it. 2014 is over and I had an interesting year of flying. I didn’t leave the country once, which seems crazy. But I already have two trips planned that will take me elsewhere in 2015.

For me, the most exciting part of the year was getting on the Convair 580 and flying around O’ahu on the Bellanca.

Miles: 32,199 (52,763 last year)
Segments: 33 (27 last year)
New Aircraft: Convair 580, Bellanca CH-300, A330-200
New Airlines: ‘Ohana by Hawaiian
New Airports: Savannah, Lana’i
Most Common Aircraft: A320 and CRJ-900 (5 flights each)
Most Common Airline: Delta (9 segments)
Most Common Airport: LAX (9 departures/10 arrivals)
Most Common Non-Directional Route: Long Beach – Phoenix (5 segments)

How did your year shape up?

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76 comments on “Topic of the Week: 2014 Flying Summary

  1. Hi Brett!
    I assume you got this stats from flightmemory.com. Are you not going to post the route picture this year?

    As for my year, my work doesn’t get me up in the air much, so I always make it a goal to at least fly once a year. I was lucky enough, however, to get two RTs in this year. So…

    Miles: 2,013
    Segments: 5
    New Aircraft: ERJ-190
    New Airlines: N/A
    New Airports: PVD
    Most Common Aircraft: CRJ-700
    Most Common Airline: US & UA
    Most Common Airport: CLT (4 Arr & 4 Dep)

    Pretty pathetic compared to others here, but I was happy to take a quick layover in PHL on one the trips just add another TO & landing and to ride the ERJ-190 which I had yet to fly. :-)

  2. Miles flown – roughly 35,000
    New planes – 747-400 extended range
    New Airline – Qantas
    New Airports – Brisbane, Sydney & Auckland
    Longest Flight (time) – DFW to Brisbane, 15+ hours
    Longest Flight (mileage) – Sydney to DFW, 8k+ miles
    Most frequent airline – Southwest
    Most frequent airport – BWI
    Most frequent type of plane – 737(700 & 800 series)

    Happy New Year – Chris

  3. Segments: 15:

    Airlines: Delta, Delta Connection/Endeavor (New), Delta Connection/Express Jet, Southwest

    Aircraft: 737-700, CRJ-900 (New), CRJ-700, MD-90 (New), 757

    New Airports: PWM, EWR

    Miles Flown: 9060+

    Most Delayed Flight: WN EWR-STL. 4.5 hours late.

  4. Miles: 17,862 (27,397 last year)
    Segments: 28 (37 last year)
    New Aircraft: EMB-120
    New Airlines: Virgin America, Sun Country
    New Airports: MKE, PDX, SFO, IAG, FLL, DEN, MSP, YFC
    Most Common Aircraft: Q400 (8 segments)
    Most Common Airline: Porter (6 segments)
    Most Common Airport: YYZ (3 Dep / 3 Arr)
    Longest Segment: PDX-IAD (2327 mi)
    Shortest Segment: SEA-PDX (129 mi)

      1. It was good – especially since the MSP-MDW route isn’t the busiest in their schedule. There were some problems with weather in Chicago (shocking!), and their ground staff was always sharing information, and were generally terrific. The in-flight product was decent – something between Delta and Frontier. If I ever have a reason to fly somewhere they can take me again, I would not hesitate to do so.

  5. 5,609 mi, 9:45 h, Shanghai (Pudong) – Vancouver (International), 11-29-2014
    Longest Flight (duration): 11:00 h, 5,283 mi, Vancouver (International) – Beijing (Capital), 11-21-2014
    Shortest Flight (distance): 326 mi, 0:47 h, Oakland (International) – Burbank (Bob Hope), 05-10-2014
    Shortest Flight (duration): 0:47 h, 326 mi, Oakland (International) – Burbank (Bob Hope), 05-10-2014
    Fastest Flight: 575 mi/h, 5,609 mi, 9:45 h, Shanghai (Pudong) – Vancouver (International), 11-29-2014
    Slowest Flight: 349 mi/h, 326 mi, 0:56 h, Burbank (Bob Hope) – Oakland (International), 05-11-2014
    Average Flight: 1,289 mi, 2:45 h

    In Miles 29,653
    In Kilometer 47,722
    Earth Circumnavigation 1.19 x
    Distance to the Moon 0.124 x
    Distance to the Sun 0.0003 x

    Hours 63:21
    Days 2.6
    Weeks 0.4
    Months 0.09
    Years 0.007

    All 23
    Domestic 19
    Intra-Continental 2
    Intercontinental 2
    Other flights 0

  6. Well, I don’t do the flightmemory, etc. to track my flights like a true fanboy, but since every flight I took this year was on DL (or codeshare) they track things for me pretty well, some things from memory of course.

    Miles: 21,782 (lowest in 5 years!)
    Segments: 24
    New Aircraft: 737-900ER
    Most common aircraft: A320
    New Airport: MSY, JAN
    Longest Flight: MSP-LAX
    Most Frequent Airport: DCA

    1. So close to silver… If I were you I would have done a small mileage run at the end. Also, as a New Orleans resident, sorry you had to experience MSY. They’re supposed to be building a new terminal that’s going to be real nice, but until then, it’s kinda shitty.

      1. Why do a mileage run? Most benefits from silver can generally be had by having a cobranded credit card.

        1. I wasn’t that close to silver because I counted miles flown that I didn’t get FF credit for because I paid with my skypesos.

          Silver is a joke status because the Delta Amex gives you the same thing…not like silvers ever get an upgrade. The Gate Lice for Zone 1 boarding is insane because of that damn CC.

  7. Miles: 0 (0 last year)
    Segments: 0
    New Aircraft: None
    New Airlines: None
    New Airports: None
    Most Common Aircraft: None
    Most Common Airline: None
    Most Common Airport: None
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: Long Beach – None

    So why do I bother to comment on CFs blog? This morning, while at home, I became aware of the sound of an airplane engine and thought that normally people don’t unless it is really loud. I also thought that I am less and less enthralled with airlines. Anyhow, ’till my enthrallment is gone I’ll comment though i take no plane rides.


  8. Miles: 25,022 (26,189 last year)
    Segments: 32 (40 last year)
    Sadly, no new aircraft, airlines, or airports this year.
    Most Common Aircraft: 737-700 (16 segments)
    Most Common Airline: Southwest (28 segments – The other four flights being 3 AirTran and 1 JetBlue)
    Most Common Airport: PVD (8 departures/10 arrivals)
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: Providence-Baltimore (11 segments)

    Highlight of the year: Having a seat on the final AirTran flight from BOS (FL120 to ATL), and the last ever AirTran flight, FL1 from ATL-TPA on 12/28.

  9. Miles: 26,597 (down from 98,507)
    Segments: 33 (all United)
    New Aircraft: N/A
    New Airlines: N/A
    New Airports: San Juan, Aguadilla, PR, Elmira, NY, Myrtle Beach, SC
    Most Common Aircraft: Q400 and E145 (tie)
    Most Common Airline: United mainline (10), Republic (6)
    Most Common Airport: ORD

  10. Happy New Year, Cranky!

    Here’s my summary:

    Miles: 55,063 (44,866 last year) – most ever for me
    Segments: 33 (23 last year)
    New Aircraft: CRJ-900
    New Airlines: US Airways, Cathay Pacific
    New Airports: SJD (Los Cabos, MX), IAH (Houston, TX), JFK (New York, NY), HKG (Hong Kong), KIX (Kansai/Osaka, Japan), NRT (Tokyo-Narita, Japan), RSW (Ft. Myers, FL), PHX (Phoenix, AZ)
    Most Common Aircraft: 737-800
    Most Common Airline: American (23 segments & 41,470 mi)
    Most Common Airport: LAX (12 departures/12 arrivals)
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: LAX-SFO & LAX-JFK (2 Each)

    This was the year when I got to fly business on the new AA 777-300, the AA A321T and on the upper deck on a CX 747-400.


  11. Miles: 22,448
    Segments: 26
    New Aircraft: None
    New Airlines: Icelandair
    New Airports: Reykjavik, Glasgow, London Gatwick, Boston
    Most common aircraft: CRJ-700 and Embraer 175 (6 segments each)
    Most common airline: Delta (12 segments)
    All airlines flown: Delta, United, Icelandair, Spirit, Sun Country
    Most common airport: MSP (Home Base)
    Most common routes: MSP-MDW and MSP-ORD (6 segments each)

    Overall a heavier year for me, especially with the Icelandair jaunt.

  12. Miles: 35,263
    Segments: 45
    New Aircraft: Embraer 170
    New Airlines: None
    New Airports: Anchorage, Juneau, Austin, San Jose, LA, Santa Rosa
    Most Common Aircraft: 737-800
    Most Common Airline: Alaska
    Most Common Airport: Seattle

  13. Miles: 37,246
    Segments: 44
    New Aircraft: MD-90
    New Airlines: Alaska
    New Airports: Valencia (VLC), Dusseldorf (DUS), Jacksonville (JAX)
    Most Common Aircraft: A320
    Most Common Airline: Delta
    Most Common Airport: BZN
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: SLC-BZN

  14. Only had six RTs this year, though that felt like a lot for me. Plus, all were in a 14 week span between March and June.

    Tried Frontier for the first time, with no complaints.
    I did get to experience an American charter and Delta charter (NCAA Basketball tournament; I was in the band)- both of whom were better than Southwest charters in previous years, but can’t compare to Miami Air International in 2013. Delta also lost a piece of drum equipment…still not sure how they pulled that off.

    Most common airport was OMA (former home base), followed by ORD (the intermediary with the new home base, MKE). OMA-ORD was my most common pairing (6 segments; involved on exactly half of my trips).

    More than anything, I learned that every airline is basically the same in economy, so there’s no reason to base a purchase decision on more than price, schedule, and plane type.

    As much as I’d like to fly more in 2015, I only had to pay full price myself for one of 2014’s trips, so that’s unlikely. I can only hope that there’s cheap availability on ERJ-170/175s when I do get to fly.

  15. Miles: 11156 (last year: 20586) — lowest since 2006
    Segments: 8 (same as last year)
    New Aircraft: none
    New Airlines: none
    New Airports: El Paso (ELP)
    Most Common Aircraft: CRJ-700, A320 (2 segments each)
    Most Miles on Aircraft: 747-400 (>50%)
    Most Common Airline: Delta (4 segments)
    Most Common Airport: SLC (2 arrivals, 2 departures)
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: LGB–SLC, SLC–BIL (2 segments each)

  16. Miles: 22098
    Segments: 10
    New Aircraft: A330-200
    New Airlines: Hawaiian
    New Airports: SYD, ACK
    Most Common Aircraft: B757
    Most Miles On Aircraft: A330-200

  17. Miles: 22098
    Segments: 10
    New Aircraft: A330-200
    New Airlines: Hawaiian
    New Airports: SYD, ACK
    Most Common Aircraft: B757
    Most Miles On Aircraft: A330-200
    Most Common Airline: American
    Most Common Airport: MIA

  18. Miles – 65,315 most ever. (2013 – 46,423)
    Segments – 77 (2013 – 46)
    New Aircraft – A343, A332
    New Airlines – None
    New Airports – IAD
    Most Common Aircraft – CRJ900, 20 Flights
    Most Common Airline – Delta, 59 Flights
    Most Common Airport – SLC, 38 total motions
    My #1 Route – SLC-ABQ, 10 times

    Personally, my best flight in a long time was my Delta flight from CDG-SLC in Economy Comfort on the A332.

    Was able to hop on 2 Q400’s in a matter of weeks, after not being on them for 6 years.

    1. One edit – Total 2014 mileage is 63,135. Can’t read or write today.

      and I am SoCal based.

  19. Miles: 233,314 (242,167 LY)
    Segments: 171 (130 domestic/15 international/26 domestic Australia) (173 LY)
    New Aircraft: A380
    New Airlines: Air France
    New Airports: AUS, HBA, SJC
    Most Common Aircraft: Boeing 737 (60 segments)
    Most Common Airline: American (82 segments)
    Most Common Uni-Directional Route: DCA-ORD (15 segments)

  20. New Airlines: AA, ExpressJet (UAX)
    Most Flown Airline: Alaska (2 Segments)
    New Airport: IAD
    Worst Airport: IAD
    Airport I won’t transit through again if I have my druthers: IAD
    Segments Flown: 6
    Miles flown: No clue, I do this by hand. ;-)
    Most frequent non-directional flight: SEA-LAX with 2 flights
    Airline I intended to fly but didn’t get on: US. (Bumped to UA and AA)
    New Airplane Type: ERJ145LR
    Most flown on airplane type: 737-800 (5 segments)

    1. IAD is a place filled only with tears and misery… let me guess, you were connecting to a UA RJ?

      1. Yup.. Though the UA mainline side of things didn’t look that great either.

        I also got to ride on one of those moon buggies.. Though that was anticlimactic.

        I was also surprised at how poor my former home airport (DAY) was for watching the ramp. They only had these little skinny windows that left much to be desired.. (That and I was at the airport for much longer than expected… US set their connection times up far to close and I had misconnects that were pre-emptively reaccommodated each way.)

        1. Oh yeah, I got the moon buggy treat at IAD a few years back. Though my best moon buggy ride was years ago at JFK when I was 5 years old: I got on the buggy, promptly fell asleep, and was utterly surprised when I was woken up shortly thereafter to get on the plane — I thought the buggy was the plane!

        2. Eh, I will take DAY anytime over CVG. Reasonably easy in and out of there, though it still can’t beat TPA in my book.

          1. Been a long time since I’ve been at CVG. Flew out of A once. And the DL/Comair remote terminal once.

            Still CVG has to be easier than LAX.


    2. IAD B terminal is actually kind of nice. Which is funny, because it’s the non-UA terminal. At least LH got smart and moved its operations from C to B.

      I worked for UAX back in ’01/’02, and strangely that A terminal hasn’t really gotten better.

      1. I’m really quite surprised they haven’t just built a new terminal further out and knocked down the existing one.. Its not as if they’ve got a shortage of land.

        Though I also realize my one major complaint was the stupidity of going up stairs just to go down stairs so that there is enough clearance below, it just was stupid and annoying on my cranky lack of sleep from a red eye in a middle seat… (Have they not heard of digging down and making a ramp?)

    3. Also meant to say that while I live ~6 miles from IAD, I tend to fly a lot more out of DCA. I’m doing a bit of 1W flying these days, which requires me to get to ORD or JFK most of the time. AA serves neither from IAD (yeah, no ORD service even, although they do fly to MIA) but they do serve from DCA. So I find myself at DCA much more often.

      IAD is a rare “treat.”

  21. Miles: 31,774
    Segments: 17
    New Aircraft: A330-300 (Brussels Airlines)
    New Airlines: Brussels Airlines, Virgin America
    New Airports: BRU, FCO, LAX
    Most common aircraft: 737-800 (5 segments)
    Most common airline: American (5 segments)
    All airlines flown: American, Delta, Jetblue, Virgin America, Brussels Airlines
    Most common airport: BOS (Home Base)
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: Boston – Los Angeles (6 segments)

    1. And because I am an idiot, I left my US Airways trips off.
      So actually:

      Miles: 36,359
      Segments: 22
      New Aircraft: A330-300
      New Airlines: Brussels Airlines, Virgin America
      New Airports: BRU, FCO, LAX
      Most common aircraft: 737-800 (5 segments)
      Most common airline: US Airways (6 segments)
      All airlines flown: American, Delta, Jetblue, Virgin America, Brussels Airlines
      Most common airport: BOS (Home Base)
      Most Common Non-Directional Route: Boston – Los Angeles (6 segments)

  22. Miles: 62,242
    New Aircraft: N/A
    New Airlines: LAN Peru, Indonesia AirAsia, Cathay Pacific
    New Airports: Lima, Cuzco, Denpasar (Bali), Yogyakarta, Jakarta, Spokane
    Most Common Airline: Delta
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: JFK-LHR (twice)

  23. Miles flown: 47,906
    Segments: 22
    New aircraft: 777-200ER, 737-600
    New airlines: SAS, American
    New airports: SFO, ARN, DFW, KID
    Most common aircraft: A321-231(10 segments)
    Most common airline: US Airways
    Most common airport: PHX
    Most common route: PHX-SNA(6 times)


    Mileage: 36,272 (41,733 last year) over 36 segments (36 segments)
    Airlines Flown: AA,DL,US,F9,AS,VX
    Most common airline: AA (Hit Gold Status) 16 segments (US 12 segments)
    New Airlines: None
    New Airports: OGG, CLT, ORF, MIA, JFK, YUL, PHL
    New Aircraft: A321T (AA), E175 (DL), CRJ200 (US), B772 (AA)
    Most common (non-directional) routes: LAX-DFW 5, PHX-LAX 4, AUS-LAX, 3 DFW-PHX 3, LAX-OGG 2, LAX-LAS 2
    Most Common Airport: LAX (home airport) 22 arrivals or departures

  25. Miles: 19,492
    Segments: 18
    New Aircraft: None
    New Airlines: Alaska
    New Airports: SEA, LAS, SAN (new home airport!)
    Most Common Aircraft: 737-7
    Most Common Airline: Southwest (4 segments)
    Most Common Airport: SAN (4 departures/5 arrivals)
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: SAN – LAS (4 segments)
    Most memorable flight: DCA-ATL-SAN one-way with wife, baby in car-seat, and cat under seat on Airtran 717 and SW 737. No fuss from baby or cat!

  26. I’m doing this all by hand:

    Miles flown: ~25,000
    New airlines: MH, MAS Wings, JAL, and maybe a UAX carrier that I didn’t pay attention to.
    New airports: ICN, HND, KIX, ITM, BKI, SDK

    My flying consisted of the circle the pacific trip I put together with AA miles, which counted for 13 segments, and 4 more domestic segments to visit family.

    Next year is probably going to be more miles (and new airlines, airports, and products) as I’m planning a trip to Australia in a couple of months, and over Xmas/NY a trip to Vietnam.

    2014 Total Mileage: 11,598 mi
    2014 Airlines: Delta, US Airways Express/PSA (New), US Airways, Meridiana/Air Italy (New), Vueling (New)
    2014 Aircraft: MD-88, A319 (New), A320 x2 (New), CRJ-200 (New), 767-300ER
    2014 New Airports: CLT, JFK, NAP, SUF, FCO
    2014 Most Delayed Flight: IG 3941 JFK-NAP 2 hour delay due to ATC strike in France delaying inbound flight
    All time most common airport: ATL
    All time most common non-directional route: ATL-MLB

    1. Just to clarify:
      NAP-Naples Capodichino Italy
      SUF-Lamezia Terme, Calabria Italy
      IG-Meridiana Operated by Air Italy

  28. Miles: 23,983
    Segments: 22
    New Aircraft: Bellanca CH-300 (I was also fortunate enough to visit Hawaiian HQ), 737-800, 737-900
    New Airlines: None
    New Airports: None (new runway at CMH; new terminal at IAH)
    Most Common Aircraft: A330-200 (4 segments)
    Most Common Airline: United (16 segments)
    Most Common Airport: LAX (6 departures/6 arrivals)
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: LAX–HNL (4 segments)
    Longest Segment: LAX-HNL (2221 according to Great Circle Mapper)
    Shortest Segment: 0. Taxied around DFW on August 16, burned enough fuel while waiting out a storm behind 15 or so planes that there wouldn’t be enough to fly around the storm once we got clearance. So we returned to the gate where they discovered a maintenance issue. Fun afternoon.
    Shortest Segment (flown): HNL-ITO (188)

  29. Miles Flown: 25,095 (44,246 in 2013)
    Segments: 12
    New Airlines: QF, NH, KA
    New Airports: DFW, ADL, MEL, LOP, HND
    Most Frequent Airport: CGK
    Most Frequent Airline: Air Asia
    Most Frequent Airplane: A330
    Longest Route: HKG-ORD

  30. Miles: 68,496 (42,876 last year)
    Segments: 32 (23 last year)
    New Aircraft: 777-300 (non-ER), A340-600, E195
    New Airlines: Cathay Pacific, Fiji Airways, Frontier, Lufthansa CityLine, Tyrolean dba Austrian (had previously flown Austrian itself)
    New Airports: Hong Kong, Nadi, Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Sofia, St. Maaarten, Sydney
    Most Common Aircraft: 757-200 (4 segments)
    Most Common Airline: US Airways (5 segments)
    Most Common Airport: San Diego (7 departures/6 arrivals)
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: nothing interesting, never flew a route more than a single round trip

    Notable flight: DL2014 – Delta DC-9-50 celebratory retirement flight MSP-ATL 06JAN14

  31. Miles: 141,788
    Segments: 54 (20 Intl, 30 US/Canada, 4 overseas internal)
    New Aircraft: 777-300ER, 777-200LR
    New Airlines: EVA
    New Airports: None, though new terminals Mumbai T2 and Heathrow T2
    Most Common Aircraft: 777 (6 on 772-ER, 4 on 77W, 1 on 77L)
    Most Common Airline: United (37 segments)
    Most Common Airport: PDX (12 departures/12 arrivals)
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: PDX-SFO (14 segments)

  32. Miles: 53,058
    Segments: 27 (7 Australian domestic, 2 UK domestic, 2 New Zealand domestic, 3 US domestic, 13 international)
    New aircraft: ERJ175, 777-200ER, 777-300ER, A340-300, 757-200, A321
    New airlines: Hawaiian, LAN Chile, Cathay Pacific
    New airports: HNL, HKG, ORD, GLA
    Most common aircraft: A340-300 (6 segments)
    Most common airline: QF (8 segments)
    Most common airport: SYD (6 departures/7 arrivals)
    Most common route: SYD/AKL (3 segments in each direction)

  33. Miles: 41,729
    Segments: 42
    New Aircraft: None
    New Airlines: ‘None
    New Airports: None
    Most Common Aircraft: 737, ERJ-145
    Most Common Airline: United (36 segments)
    Most Common Airport: IAH
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: IAH-DCA

  34. Actually had a few real flights that weren’t non rev, a quickie RT to SFO and a one way PHX-BWI (drove back!). Two or three non revs to Hawaii, a Cancun, and a few San Diego trips. Not much, sadly. But got some fun planned for 2015 on American.

  35. 169,504 miles on 140 flights.

    New airports included BDL, PVD, MDT, CHS, TUL, SAT, GRB, SDQ, CDG, AVL, BUF, CA and a few more.

    No new airlines, one new type (A318-100)

  36. Miles: 28,686
    Kilometers: 46,165
    Hours 58:16
    Days 2.4
    Weeks 0.3
    Months 0.08
    Segments: N/A
    New Aircraft: ATR-72
    New Product: EVA Royal Laurel Class
    New Airlines: EVA, Garuda Indonesia, Island Air
    New Airports: DSP, LBJ, TPE, LOP
    Most Common Aircraft: ATR-72, 737
    Most Common Airline: United, EVA (tie)
    Most Common Airport: SFO
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: SFO-HNL

    Longest Flight (distance): 6,464 mi, 12:03 h, San Francisco (International) – Taipei (Taoyuan International), 08-29-2014
    Longest Flight (duration): 12:03 h, 6,464 mi, San Francisco (International) – Taipei (Taoyuan International), 08-29-2014
    Shortest Flight (distance): 76 mi, 0:38 h, Denpasar (Bali) (Ngurah Rai International) – Lombok (International), 09-07-2014
    Shortest Flight (duration): 0:38 h, 76 mi, Denpasar (Bali) (Ngurah Rai International) – Lombok (International), 09-07-2014
    Fastest Flight: 536 mi/h, 6,464 mi, 12:03 h, San Francisco (International) – Taipei (Taoyuan International), 08-29-2014
    Slowest Flight: 120 mi/h, 76 mi, 0:38 h, Denpasar (Bali) (Ngurah Rai International) – Lombok (International), 09-07-2014
    Average Flight: 2,049 mi, 4:10 h

    1. Those speeds… are they ground speeds or speeds based on a great circle route and time?


  37. Miles flown: 76,546 (PY 50,2343)
    Segments: 18 (PY 23)
    New aircraft: None
    New airlines: Turkish
    New airports: IST, AMM
    Most common aircraft: 777-200ER (10 segments)
    Most common airline: OZ (9 segments)
    Most common airport: ICN (14 Segments)
    Most common route: ICN-LHR (4 returns) ICN-SYD (2 returns)

  38. Miles: 22,264
    Segments: 21
    New Aircraft: Boeing 787-8
    New Airports: Perth
    Most Common Aircraft: 737-800
    Most Common Airline: Virgin Australia (18 segments)
    Most Common Airport: Melbourne (MEL)

  39. Miles: 38,536
    Segments: 31
    New aircraft: None
    New airlines: Qatar Airways, Virgin America
    New airports: DOH, SAT, PBI, SMF
    Most common aircraft: 737-700 (7 segments)
    Most common airline: WN (16 segments)
    Most common airport: DAL (4 departures, 5 arrivals)
    Most common non-directional route: STL-DAL (2 segments)

  40. Miles flown: 52,491
    Segments: 25
    New aircraft: None
    New airlines: JAL
    New airports: ICN, HND, SGN, TYS
    Most common aircraft: 737 (8)
    Most common airline: DL (11)
    Most common airport: SFO (9)
    Most common route: OAK-SEA (3 each direction)

  41. Total Number of Flights/Segments: 50
    Total Number of Miles: 60,152
    Total Number of Unique Days Flying: 31
    Total Number of Airports: 20
    Most Frequent Airport Visited: ATL (Atlanta, US)
    Total Number of Airlines: 6 (Delta, Turkish, US Airways, Saudia, KLM,United)
    Most Used Airline by Number of Flights/Segments: 1. Delta (25); 2. Turkish (9); 3. US Airways (8)
    Most Used Airline by Miles: 1. Delta (23,994); 2. Saudia (15,675)
    New Airlines in 2014: Saudia; Turkish; United
    New Airports in 2014: DUB (Dublin, IE), FRA (Frankfurt, DE), IST (Istanbul, TK), JED (Jeddah, SA), PRG (Prague, CZ), RUH (Riyadh, SA), TXL (Berlin, DE)
    Busiest Routes: DCA/ATL (9 Flights); DCA/BOS (8 Flights)
    Most Departures: ATL (10); DCA (9)
    Longest Flight: IAD/JED (6,578 Miles – flown twice)

    The move from Washington, DC to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in September changed my flying habits a lot! :)

  42. So damn close:(
    Total miles: 74,609 miles on United (about 2100 on EasyJet) – so missed Prem Plat by 391 miles
    New Airports in 2014: YEG
    New Aircraft: Boeing 787-8
    Most Common Aircraft: 777-200
    Most Common Airline: United
    Most Common Airport: LHR

    Didn’t think Mrs Bobber would appreciate me making an LHR-FRA mileage run on Boxing Day…..

  43. Only approx 300 more airports in my home continent still to collect…. !

    Miles: 33,670 (27,655 last year)
    Segments: 76 (51 last year)
    New Aircraft: Beechcraft 1900D, Britten Norman Trislander, CRJ 100, CRJ 900, Embraer 135, Jetstream 31, Jetstream 32
    New Airlines: Aurigny, Blue Islands, Croatia Airlines, Eastern Airways, Estonian Air, Eurowings, Germania, Hex Air, Hop, Links Air, Naysa, Skywork Airlines, TUIfly, Van Air Europe, Vueling
    New Airports: Alderney, Ancona, Antwerp, Basel, Bern, Brive, Caen, Chania, Charleroi, Clermont-Ferrand, Deauville, Doncaster, Dortmund, Dusseldorf, Erfurt, Genoa, Gloucester, Groningen, Humberside, Isle of Man, Jersey, La Coruna, La Gomera, Le Puy, Liverpool, Lourdes, Malmo, Munster-Osnabruck, Nantes, Osijek, Paris-Orly, Parma, Poitiers, Pristina, Quimper, Santiago de Compostela, Skelleftea, Tenerife-North, Turin, Umea, Vaxjo, Zweibrucken
    Most Common Aircraft: A319 (20 flights)
    Most Common Airline: Easyjet (18 segments)
    Most Common Airport: London-Stansted (8 departures/6 arrivals)
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: London-Luton – Dortmund (3 segments)

  44. 182 Flights
    164,790 Miles
    365:16 Time in Air (15.2 Days)
    Longest Flight: 7,502 mi, 14:29 TIA; LAX-SYD
    Shortest Flight: 0 mi, 0:08 TIA; DAY-DAY
    Average Flight: 905 mi, 2:00 TIA
    Airports: 43
    Airlines: 16
    Aircraft Types: 31
    Routes: 104
    Countries: 7
    Most Flown Airlines: Delta Air Lines (112)
    Most Flown Aircraft: McDonnell Douglas MD-88 (31)
    Most Flown Route: ATL-DAY (25)
    New Airlines: CommutAir, Envoy Air, Virgin Australia, Thai Airways, Kenya Airways, Cathay Pacific, KLM Cityhopper, AirTran Airways
    New Aircraft: Bombardier Dash 8 Q300, Embraer ERJ-140, Fokker 70
    New Airports: VPS, HIJ, FWA, CLE, PIH, ICT, OKC, MEL, BKK, BRU, TPA

  45. I live in Brazil, so my frequent airlines and airports are diferent from most of you.

    31 flights
    46035 miles
    (also 31 in 2013, but only 19242 miles)

    most common airline: Azul (11)
    most common non-directinal route: CNF VCP (4)
    most common airport: CNF (22) – CNF in my hometown Belo Horizonte is the second hub of Azul, after VCP.
    new airports: DOH, HKG, CKS
    new airlines: Qatar, Cathay Pacific

    I had my longest flight ever in 2014 on a trip to Hong Kong
    DOH GRU, 7365 mi

    And I use openflights.org to track my flights. Have nicer maps than flightmemory.

  46. Miles: 32,237 (8,033 last year)
    Segments: 23 (12 last year)
    New Aircraft: B712, B772LR
    New Airlines: Hawaiian
    New Airports: OGG, KOA, DFW, DXB
    Most Common Aircraft: MD88 and CRJ-900 (4 flights each)
    Most Common Airline: Delta (14 segments)
    Most Common Airport: DSM (5 departures/5 arrivals)
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: DSM-ATL (4 segments)

  47. Miles: 77,519 — second lowest since 2006- 3 times around earth
    Segments: 44
    Airports: 22
    New Airlines: Finnair, Germania, KBZ (Burma),
    New Airports: Chiang Mai, Copenhagen, Danang, Hanoi, Helsinki, Mandalay
    Most Common Aircraft: B737 (9)
    Most Miles on Aircraft: Airbus 330 30,000miles
    Most Common Airlines: Qantas (20), Emirates (5), Air Asia (5)
    Most Common Airports: Sydney (17 flights), Canberra (14), Bangkok (13)
    Most Common Routes: SYD-CBR (7), SYD-BKK (3)

  48. Miles: 26,812 (26,999 last year)
    Segments: 13 (12 last year)
    New Aircraft: Embraer 190
    New Airlines: Alitalia
    New Airports: Rome FCO, Bologna BLQ, Mendoza MDZ, Medford MFR
    Most Common Aircraft: A320 and B772 (3 flights each)
    Most Common Airline: Alitalia (4 flights)
    Most Common Airport: PDX (3 departures/1 arrival)
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: AEP-RGL and FCO-BLQ

  49. Late to the party, but I hadn’t actually looked at my flying for the year:

    Miles: 46,617 (58,234 last year)
    Segments: 36 (47 last year)
    New Aircraft: Sadly none
    New Airlines: Alitalia, Vueling, easyJet, SAS
    New Airports: Rome, Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Milan-Malpensa, Paris-CDG, Long Beach, St. Louis
    Most Common Aircraft: Boeing 737 multiple variants (6 flights)
    Most Common Airlines: Delta and Delta Connection (19 flights)
    Most Common Airport: Washington DCA (7 departures/7 arrivals)
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: Washington DCA-Salt Lake City (4 segments)

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