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LGB - Long Beach, Spirit

How to Beat Spirit at its Own Game and Minimize Airline FeesConde Nast Daily Traveler
Spirit has a great business model where the fares are low and you pay for only what you want. Here’s how to keep those extra fees down further.

Head of Long Beach Airport leaving to run Indianapolis International AirportLong Beach Press-Telegram
The head of Long Beach Airport is leaving for Indy, and I was asked to share my thoughts. Indy is a different challenge – they already have a new expensive facility. They just need to work on increasing service.

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8 comments on “Cranky on the Web (April 21 – 25)

  1. As for Spirit–I get it. The message is–do not fly Spirit. If not a total joke, it’s obvious that the airline is just for masochists.

    1. Etheldra – That is in no way the message. Spirit has a great business model and is often far cheaper than others. The point is simply to be smart about what will cost more and spend accordingly.

  2. PS– As for the Four Seasons 757– this is NOT a private jet. And will there be a standby aircraft for breakdowns? They do happen…how new is this 757 anyway? The last one was built 9 years ago, and there are probably plenty of ancient ones being repurposed that are closer to 32 years old….

  3. As for buying Alliegent tickets at the airport, good luck with that one! In Medford Oregon even if you come during the 30 min window they are suppose to be available for that purpose you likely can’t get them to help you.

    Have been sent packing twice and told they don’t have the time. It’s a scam!

    1. What does Allegiant have to do with this story? Spirit just nickel and dimes you to death, and anyone who buys their tickets will see their overall price is close to what others pay for more services on other airlines. Spirit is probably the biggest supporter of not wanting to advertise the extra fees because the add ons cost way more than a ticket itself.

      1. TC – None of the add-ons would be impacted by full fare advertising since those are all optional. (The only exception being that fee for booking online.)

  4. I love Spirit, and fly them all the time. In fact, I live in DFW and can get just about anywhere in the country now on Spirit. Buyer beware…they charge for everything. It is important to me to have a roller bag and assigned seats – that’s always $90 extra I will pay on top of their airfare. And not, they are not always the cheapest, but I check them first.

    Let me comment about fees! Having previously worked for an AAirline based in Fort Worth, the charges or assessorial fees are not considered ‘revenue’ and are not taxed, or if they are, are taxed less than revenue or income. It’s a tax cheat for not only Spirit, but all the airlines. That’s why even Southwest wants a part of the bag fees – they saw how much money AirTran was pulling in with bag fees – and it’s considered a ‘operating cost’ instead of income.

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