SOLD OUT: Sign Up to Dine on a Pan Am 747 Today at 9a Pacific Time

Pan Am

Update @ 10a: It took less than an hour, but we sold this one out already. The excellent response tells me that we’ll need to do this again sometime.

The day has arrived to purchase tickets for dinner on a Pan Am 747 on September 28 starting at 6p. The event will be held east of downtown Los Angeles, about an hour from LAX. Ticket sales begin at 9a Pacific Time. At that time, the link at will go live and the first 28 to purchase seats will get it. Once they’re gone, that’s it.

Pan Am 747 First Class

Fourteen of those will be in First Class (above). Those passengers will board and sit in their seats in the nose of the 747 for drinks and socializing. When it comes time for dinner, they will be escorted upstairs to the upper deck dining room (below).

Pan Am 747 Upper Deck

The other fourteen travelers will begin their flight in Clipper Class (below). At the time, Clipper wasn’t much more than a premium economy. But when the First Class passengers go upstairs to dine, you will take their seats and be served your meal up front.

Pan Am 747 Clipper Class

All meals will be the same regardless of the class of service. It turns out there is a conflict that day with true Pan Am stewardesses, so we will have suitable replacements to make it a very memorable night.

Remember to go to at 9a Pacific Time sharp to make sure you get a space.

14 comments on “SOLD OUT: Sign Up to Dine on a Pan Am 747 Today at 9a Pacific Time

      1. Thanks everyone who signed up. This is going to be a lot of fun. Axel – no word on ending time, but I will start giving out details as we go.

    1. DesertGhost – Catered by real airline caterers to be as close as possible to actual Pan Am meals (Or that’s the plan, at least)

  1. You need multiple flights! Next time have an afternoon, evening and a redeye! Wish I could go but can’t wait to hear all about it! Lots of exclamation points indicates my high level interest and excitement!

    Two suggestions:

    – please do a Cranky style trip report (even though I know you said you don’t want to do these for a while because of the LHR and Korean trips but this seems to fall into a MUCH different category!)

    – solicit one or two (or more) of the “passengers” who are CF regulars to do reports of their own

    1. Bill – This isn’t happening until the end of September, so I will definitely be ready to write more trip reports by then!

  2. Love what you’ve done to keep our spirit alive….I’ve followed you on several tv documentaries of how you were putting this together, then looking for a staircase to fit f/c! Wish I lived closer! We are all trying our best to save our beloved World Port at Kennedy… it may soon become an asphalt ‘hard stand’ for some of Delta’s jets. Such a shame…but in the meantime, the fight goes on to save this iconic building! Great job that you’ve accomplished, wish I could be your galley girl in the UD! Bon Appetite!

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