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I’ve had a couple requests recently from people who were interested in sending me tips and information about the airlines but wanted to do so anonymously. Up until now, that meant creating a fake email address in order to send me a note, but that’s now changing. I’ve set up a contact form at where you can send me information directly without having to reveal your identity.

Hopefully I get more legitimate tips than spam from bots, but if it doesn’t work out, I can always shut it down. Please keep in mind that I won’t ever publish a story based solely off anonymous tips. But this is a great way to get something on my radar that I can then research further to try to confirm.

I love getting tips from readers, so keep them flowing!

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  1. I find that if I know I will bringing back lots of stuff and a small suit case fits all of my clothing it is easier to put the small suit case in a larger suit case and check them as one bag then on way back check the large bag then use the small big as a carry on.

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