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Interview with Cranky Concierge OwnerJob Shadow
I was contacted by this site so they could learn more about what it means to be an air travel assistant. It was a lengthy interview and they published it verbatim.

Airline to offer baby-free ‘quiet zone’
In a story about child-free sections on airplanes, I was able to chime in with some personal experience.

In the Trenches: A Successful VacationIntuit Small Business Blog
My long-awaited vacation came and went and the business continued on successfully. I was thrilled.

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David SF eastbay

Your quiet zone comment was so true about parents attending to their children. When in public during my childhood days children were taught to behave or else. We did not run around wild making noise and annoying everyone else. Now a days to many parents are ignoring their children in public and letting them run wild making nose and annoying everyone else. It’s like if the child isn’t on top of them annoying them, they don’t care what those kids do. A baby is different then an older child since you can say don’t cry all you want and they… Read more »



Are you no longer writing for CNN? If not, why such a short run?


Would it really be that hard for airlines to have family or children seating? The old days of smoking sections really is a good analogy since it could work the same way. Since most airlines let families with small children board first put them in the back, problem solved, right? When booking a flight the airline could just say, last 5 rows are “child friendly” or something like that. As for seating a family together, I used to have no issues with changing seats so a family can be seated together. Several times Flight Attendants have put me in first… Read more »

Jo Dee

It would be a marvelous prayer answered for there to be a sealed off section for babies/toddlers parents at the back of each airplane. Reserve the back six rows, give them disney movies to watch, a changing table in the lavatory, extra leg room, toddler meals — and a plexiglass sliding door so that no crying or other loud noise would affect any of the adults on the plane. Of course, I also dream of passengers getting 100% fresh oxygen in the cabin like the pilots do, instead of the 50% (?) recycled stale air that so generously passes around… Read more »