Topic of the Week: Last Reminder for Tomorrow’s Cranky Dorkfest


The day is finally here. Tomorrow, is the 2nd annual Cranky Dorkfest (#dorkfest for you Twitter-folk) at the In ‘n Out on Sepulveda just north of LAX. I’ll be there from 11a to 2p, so please come on by to say hello. Here are some answers to a couple of questions that have come up.

How do I get there if I’m already in LA?
If you’re in LA and are coming from the south, take the 405 up to the 105 west. (For those who are coming from the east, just take the 105 west.) Exit Sepulveda North and turn right. You’ll see it on the left. Just look for all the drooling people staring skyward.

If you’re in LA and coming from the north, stay home. Yes, it’s the ill-timed Carmageddon this weekend, and that means traffic is likely going to be bad to the north. If you really want to come from the Valley, you can always come through downtown LA and then head over on the 105. Those on the west side can shoot for surface streets, but it might be ugly.

What if I’m flying in?
If you’re flying in, you are awesome. Thank you. To get there, you have a few options. The easiest is usually to try to take the Parking Spot shuttle to the Sepulveda lot. (Do not take the shuttle that goes to the Century lot or you’ll be in the wrong place.) Leave a nice tip since you’re not actually going to the Parking Spot, but In ‘n Out is right next door. Some have reported that they are cracking down on people going to In ‘n Out. If they won’t let you on, you have options.

You can just walk it. From Terminals 1, 2, 3 or Bradley, turn left out of baggage claim and walk until you hit Sepulveda. Cross the street and turn left. After you pass the runways, you’ll see In ‘n Out back across the street on your left. If you’re coming from the other terminals, it’s a tougher walk. You might want to just take the shuttle to Parking Lot C/LAX Transit Center and then you can walk up Sepulveda from there.

What is the schedule of events?
It’s pretty simple. I’ll be there from 11a to 2p myself. I’ll grab a burger and be outside, ready to hang out and watch airplanes with everyone who shows up. I’m leaving the family at home, but feel free to bring your family, bring your dogs, bring people who have no interest in airplanes…. Just come and hang out and enjoy what should be a good weather day tomorrow. The only other thing of note to mention is that Routehappy will be giving away some t-shirts. There won’t be enough for everyone, so we’re going to figure out how to give them away tonight.

What if I don’t like In ‘n Out?
I have to seriously question your sanity. You’re a vegetarian? No excuse. They make a mean grilled cheese. It’s not on the menu, but just order it. Or you can just get a shake. Mmm … shake. But there’s also a park out there so bring your own food if you must. While it’s hard to believe, you can enjoy watching airplanes without a Double Double in your hand. (It’s just note quite as good.)

What should I wear?
Black tie. Ok, maybe not. Just a regular suit and tie will be fine. And by “suit” I mean “t-shirt and shorts.” By “tie” I mean “flip flops.” That’s what I’ll be wearing, at least.

I look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!

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22 comments on “Topic of the Week: Last Reminder for Tomorrow’s Cranky Dorkfest

  1. I hope this will be a regular event! I live in the Dallas area, and my wife works for an airline. We just had twins, so I don’t think she would appreciate me skipping town, but I am SO there next time!

  2. While I won’t be there, if I was Cranky would be questioning my sanity as I am not a fan of In-N-Out. But I think if everyone was looking up, no one would notice if I wasn’t eating…

  3. This is awesome. Wish I could be there. You should have these whenever you hit a major airfield nationwide, official work schedule permitting of course. Pick the best “spotting” location and send invites to readers. I know the best spots for DCA and IAD….:)

  4. Cranky, another way to get from the LAX terminals to In-N-Out is to take the LAX shuttle to the C Lot and then walk. The walk is not too bad and you get to burn off calories gained at In-N-Out. My recollection is that there are never hassles with LAX shuttle drivers.

    1. You are correct, Bill. I mentioned that in the post, especially for those who are coming from T4/5/6/7/8. If you come from the earlier terminals, it takes forever so it’s better to just walk it.

  5. I hate that I can’t be there. This is one of my top 5 favorite spots on earth. I mean you get to dig into a 4×4 (sorry, i overindulge because I don’t live near in and out) and watch planes from all over the world land at the same time!!! One of these days, I’ll have to take the IAD-LAX flight to be there!

    1. How about a pool party at the house at the end of Midway runway 31C (mid-block beetween 63rd & 64th, Cicero & Keating)? That’d be awesome!

  6. I sure wish I could be there. I’ve been to that spot once to eat and watch planes. It was great. Hopefully someday I can get down there from PDX!

  7. Have fun, wish I could be there. May there be Constellation Super G’s and L1011’s and Convair 880’s and a few Ilyushin 62’s passing overhead.

    OK, maybe too many drab 737-700’s and A320’s…. :)

  8. CRANKY Just to change the subject from In & Out which
    are some of the best burgers around.. BUT, did you watch
    ABC National News on TSA thefts.. They tracked ipads
    with the Find me apt and hey it showed up
    at TSA agents house…
    ABC REPORTS 381 TSA agents have been fired so far
    for THEFT….

      1. That’s what happens when the dregs of society are the frontline for airport securety.

        Anyway, is there a chance you could have a dorkfest in the NYC area? If you do, I’ll get there. Sorry, no In & Out Burgers in NYC, but we have Bobby’s Burger Pallace.

        1. I’d love to do an NYC dorkfest. That’s an area I know nothing about when it comes to spotting locations. Of course, I’d have to plan a trip to NYC first…

  9. I’ll be there around 11. I’m coming from the valley, but I don’t expect that many problems. Last year there was no traffic anywhere.. Everyone stayed home.

  10. Or take the Hilton shuttle then grab a croissant off the buffet and head out the back. That is truly Dorky.

    Have fun cranky

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