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It’s Labor Day here in the US and I’ve been enjoying my long weekend. That means there isn’t a normal post today, but I do have a question and this seemed like a good day to throw it out to the crowd.

We at Cranky Concierge fight some pretty interesting battles with airlines when our clients find themselves in tough situations. I often talk about these things as they happen on Twitter (a href=”http://twitter.com/crankyconcierge”>@crankyflier), but that never tells the full story. For example, we had a doozy on Friday where LAN had a delayed flight, offered to put the person on American, and then failed to actually do it despite assurances that everything was fine. It ended up being a big mess, only saved by American’s willingness to take charge in the situation.

It dawned on me that posts about these situations and how they ended up being resolved might be of interest to the broader audience here on the blog. So, please have your say down below. Would you like to see these kinds of posts? Would you only want to see them if they were additional content on Wednesdays (when I don’t post anyway)? Or do you just not want to see this king of stuff at all?

Would you like to see stories about sticky situations that our Cranky Concierge clients find themselves in?

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Thanks for chiming in. I’ll be back tomorrow with a regular post.

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38 comments on “A Question About Content

  1. Bret,
    Some years back, I was an active reader of Christopher Elliot’s blog. To my memory, when I started reading his columns, it was more general interest, and has since developed into specializing in to what I would call consumer affairs/actions. While these stories do have merit, I have stopped being a regular reader since the basic story repeats itself, and I find the tone of his column to be whiney.
    Thus, i think you would have some good accounts and experiences to relate, but I hope it would not shift the tone or nature of your blog.

  2. as long as you label all of those stories ‘sponsored content’ so that we know that it’s just advertising for your other business

    1. I think we’ll be fine with just an in text notice in the bottom.

      If you want to be really picky CrankyConcierge sponsors much of Cranky Flier’s content.. Those ads don’t pay for the full site.

  3. I’d take it a step further. I’d enjoy hearing about some of your more vexing cases that DIDN’T work out so well, either.

  4. Would love to hear about both the successes and failures in getting problems resolved. We can all learn from both. And I am not really concerned whether or not you put in a disclaimed that it is “advertising for your other business, as that is irrelevant to the resolution or non-resolution of any problems you describe.

    1. Well said. I agree fully. Not concerned about whether there is a diclaimer or not; would appreciate hearing about both – successful resolutions and not-so-successful resolutions.

  5. I’d always support reading more Cranky, but it’s understandable if you don’t have the time. I think it would make an interesting discussion and would broaden the reader base. –That said I’m more interested in your normal topics, until of course I get stuck somewhere.

  6. I noticed nothing mentioned about last weeks Melt down at United.
    4th time since March 1st that the entire United network went
    down and back up server failed. On Tuesday Aug 28th
    entire system was down… Flights were delayed 2.5 to 4 hrs
    before system was working again. Crews had to hand
    calculate Baggage passenger weight vs fuel ratio. Crews had to hand
    check who passengers were on the flight. Billions in revenue, but
    nothing for a new upgraded computer system or reliable back up system.

  7. I, and I’ll bet most readers of your blog, are interested in most anything you come up with.

    Have no fear, if we find something petty, boring or otherwise uniteresting, we’ll let you know.

  8. These stories can be good because it can show not everything is simple in the airline world and people can learn from the events that happen to others.

    Just because someone said they did something, don’t assume they did. Readers may learn to call back and check, recheck, and recheck again. Also readers could learn about other avenues they can take due a problem.

    Brett a future story that would be good is are there more problems in an e-ticket era then in the paper ticket era. LAN could have done what they said but the electronic data may never have reached American. If LAN had issued a paper ticket as in days gone by, the passenger would have something to take and show AA in person that they were on a flight. How much electronic data is getting lost in this eticket world?

  9. I like all your content – even the controversial. And I don’t need to know the origin of your “problem” stories; we all know what your “other” job is and understand that’s part of what gives you the fodder with which you entertain us. Keep on keepin’ on.

  10. The ‘stories’ would be great. If you could keep them on the level of ‘teachable moments’ that would be great. I like learning about the customer service side of the industry. I dont need to read every account that you deal with, but good, bad, routine or extraordinary, if it shows how the system works (or should work) I would enjoy it.

  11. I’m an avid reader of CN Traveler’s Ombudsman department, and the reason is because it remains unbiased – it clearly outlines the responsibilities of the traveler and the provider and gives soft opinion on both sides. It skewers travelers who don’t give the whole story or who make unreasonable demands, but it also takes providers to task for rigid adherence to seemingly arbitrary or downright shady practices. Your stories have been similarly well-balanced, and I look forward to more.

  12. Yes, probably most of the stories will not be of interest to me (or others) but there may be that one story that you remember that helps you out in some future situation.
    When it comes to the airlines and what they do and how they treat their passangers, information is golden and it returns a little power back to the flyer.

  13. I’d enjoy these as well, although I think they should be an occasional feature like Trip Reports and Ask Cranky.. Thats kinda what I figured you were alluding toward, but just to be 100% clear..

  14. There seems to be pretty overwhelming support for this kind of post (way more than I thought). I’ll give one of them a shot and then we can see what you think about it. I won’t mark this as a sponsored post because it’s really not. But I will brand these kinds of posts somehow so that you know what it is. It’ll be similar to an “Ask Cranky” kind of thing in that regard. And it definitely won’t happen on a very frequent basis but we’ll see how it goes.

    Thank you to everyone for chiming in. Keep being blunt with your thoughts as I roll this out.

    1. Well since it seems most posts would be about frustrating situations, how about calling it a Cranky Rantings or something similar. Not only would it let you blow off steam by writing in an aggressive tone, but allows for special monikers during epic screw-ups (i.e. “Rant of the Month”).

  15. I, for one, would like to see posts of this nature describing situations Cranky Flier had to step in and assist their clients in getting to their destinations timely. I do not bother to sign into the Twitter website nor do I bother with any of the other social websites as being mostly a waste of time.

  16. From your poll, I’m answered the 2nd option though I’m interested to hear that kind of story, I’m more used to what I read about your blog more.

  17. Yeah, yes, si…..can’t wait….when I was a crew scheduler I (and my fellow employees) loved to get into reservations and read all the crazy goings on. And really, why was the Southwest “documentary,” so popular? Because people love to hear (and see) the pax stories.

  18. Toni596, like you I am former airline employee. Loved the Southwest show. Was it me, or do they have the highest drunks to passenger ratio? I don’t how they got the releases to show people being really big Jerks. Cranky, like some have said, don’t let it turn into a rant. Also just unique cases, don’t let overwhelm the other content.

  19. David, I worked as a crew scheduler for Southwest for 5 years and then, in a brilliant career move, went to work for AA for 9 years. My best recollection of drunks at SWA was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving about 1980. There were all kinds of delays going on at DAL, so someone got the bright idea to put the pax in a hanger and serve them alcohol while they waited. (Like a Thanksgiving Eve “party” would solve everything!)They almost had a riot after the already pissed off pax got some drinks in them!

  20. I trust your judgment. You seem to have two major functions. First, and foremost, as a reporter of the aviation industry (equipment, airports, airlines, regulations, etc).

    In addition, you have been a teacher for airline customers who may need to handle difficult situations. These stories enlarge our range of responses to problems.

    On the side, you share your experiences as a small business owner. It is interesting to learn of your personal challenges as I have a son who is a new father and has a small business. You clearly identify these observations so they may be ignored by the die-hard aviation folks.

    Go by your instincts and keep us informed of what you think we should know!

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