Cranky on the Web (August 11 – 17)

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New statistics say that airlines are losing fewer bags and arriving on time: could it be true?The Patt Morrison Show
I did a radio appearance on our big public radio station here in LA talking about the improved baggage handling numbers.

TurbulenceInformed Traveller on AM770 Calgary
I just got the link to an appearance I did on a Canadian radio show talking about turbulence. A little bit about myths surrounding turbulence and talk about how to prevent injury. You have to scroll through to July 22 before you’ll find the right link.

Children Flying Alone: How Airlines’ Unaccompanied Minor Programs WorkConde Nast Daily Traveler
United messed up big time when it failed to keep a 10 year old in its custody. Here’s how those programs are supposed to work.

In the Trenches: Repeat Customers Are Key to GrowthIntuit Small Business Blog
This past week we followed a conference in Colorado for the third year in a row. That milestone is a great opportunity to look back and see how much we’ve grown.

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9 comments on “Cranky on the Web (August 11 – 17)

  1. At TWA the STL hub had an unaccompanied minor room.

    I’ve seen unaccompanied minors traveling with plastic pouches around there neck saying about traveling alone (don’t remember exact wording) so how can inflight or ground crew not notice.

    Don’t airlines still do that? TWA even put an ‘unaccompanied’ minor badge on them. I think I have one somewhere now that I think of it.

    1. David – Yeah, I do believe that they still hang tags around the necks of the kids to make it very apparent. And those rooms still exist as well but they only use those for really long connections. Otherwise, of course, they just escort them from gate to gate.

  2. Skywest uses a room at SLC called Rusty’s Den, and all UMs are banded at the wrist and their flight info/boarding passes and to be met by info is kept in a large folder that must be hand delivered and signed by each person along the way, ie, check-in, gate, FA, gate, Rustys and so on.
    A UM wanderiing alone after the flight sounds like the FA forgot to alert the gate agent at the arrival and just let her walk off. NOT GOOD.

  3. Worst experience ever with United today. The cancelled our flight 965 from Moscow, with 0 notice. The only explanation was (from United Moscow employees) that United was exiting the market on 8/28 and don’t care any more. After 2+ hours in-line with 2 little kids (despite my Gold status), we spent an hour trying to identify “alternative options”. They wouldn’t rebook for the next day’s flight (even though online it shows available seats, I’m wondering if they are cancelling that too), Lufthansa economy was booked and they wouldn’t let me switch to business even though I was willing to pay for the difference, they said Austian Airways “is difficult to work with”, so through Viena wasn’t an option. We finally booked for tomorrow morning 6am on Swiss, through Geneva. No hotel offered, to spend the night. No upgrade, no refund, no candy or a toy for the kids to make it easier on them. United is too big and doesn’t seem to care about customers any more.

  4. Turbulence: last month, landing at JFK on a 747, as we’re descending above Long Island the plane starts moving wildly up and down. Couldn’t have lasted more than 5-10 seconds, but you really saw the terror on people’s faces. When it’s over, my six-year-old (who was belted in the seat next to me and resting his head in my lap) lifts his head, looks at me with a big grin and exclaims: That was fun!

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