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New rules make airfare seem higher (even though it isn’t)CNN Out of the Office
This week, I took a look at the new DOT rules going into effect on pricing/fees.

Airline Fee Changes Require Full DisclosureNBC Los Angeles
I met up with the folks at NBC4 here in LA to walk them through some of the changes from this week’s DOT rule change. Here’s the video:

View more videos at:

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10 comments on “Cranky on the Web (January 23 – 27)

    1. The video works fine for me, so maybe try a different browser? Nothing I can do to change it, because it’s just embedded from the NBC site. If you click on the title above the video, that’ll take you to the page.

  1. I like the idea of putting the full true price upfront, it just seems strange that they are only forcing the airline industry to do so, as you noted. Also, you’ll probably get around to this anyway Brett, but any comments on the rather sudden Spanair bankruptcy?

    1. Seems pretty straightforward on Spanair to me. That airline keeps losing money in a market that has a ton of competition anyway. The Catalonian government wanted to stop throwing money at the airline and was only willing to keep doing it if a potential savior was on the horizon. When Qatar pulled out of the running, so did Catalonia.

  2. Taxes, what taxes? The government is free and the airlines are the ones gouging you for the the right to be fondled on the way through security. Orwellian, I say.

  3. Also on the web..Cranky Concierge got a plug on modhop for finding my recent via ANA en-route to Hong Kong. Thanks again to you and Nate for the help & concierg…ing!

  4. Cranky, any insight on how sites that use historical airfares to predict potential future price fluctuations will handle the DOT rule change? It seems to me that this will cause those sites to have issues handling the data. Of course it is all in inexact “science” so maybe they will just gloss over the statistical irregularity.

    1. I don’t think that should be a problem. If they’re using DOT fare data, that won’t change. If it’s just scraping data from websites, then I’m sure they can reverse engineer it if needed.

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