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I’m happy to announce that I will now be contributing to the new Conde Nast Traveler site on a weekly basis. Go to to see some great contributions from around the travel world. My first two are below.

Nerve-racking ‘go-arounds’ routine for pilotsCNN Out of the Office
A lot of people think go-arounds are a scary thing, but there’s nothing to be scared about.

In the Trenches: Should There Be More?Intuit Small Business Blog
It’s time to step back and do a little strategic work.

What to Do When a Hurricane Threatens Your TripConde Nast – The Daily Traveler
I know, I’ve beaten this topic to death, but this is the last one, I promise.

Woman Stuck in Airport for Baggage Fee Could’ve Used Our TipsConde Nast – The Daily Traveler
A woman sat for 8 days at SFO because she couldn’t afford the bag fees. Here are some tips to help, um, avoid the same situation.

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7 comments on “Cranky on the Web (October 31 – November 4)

  1. Nice to know you’re now contributing to Conde Nast. Just by glancing at the articles it seems Conde Nast is more for a general audience as opposed to a business travel audience like your CNN column.

    Best of luck on the new column.

  2. Go arounds can be scary and needed to avoid two 747’s crashing into each other. Back in my TWA days the LHR-LAX was landing at LAX after the BA LHR-LAX had landed already on the outer runway. BA was told to hold between the two runways until after TWA landed. BA didn’t do that and started to cross the runway as TWA’s wheels started to touch the runway when zoom the plane shot up in the air at a very steep angle and had to go around but got priority treatment and was able to land ahead of others.

    Talk about an E-ticket ride (Disneyland old timers will know what that means…lol).

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