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If you’re wondering where my CNN column has gone, it hasn’t disappeared. I’m just going to be writing a little less frequently. The next one will go up on Monday, and as always, will be linked to from here. I’m also hoping to have something new to report in the next two weeks.

In the Trenches: Standing in the Customers’ ShoesIntuit Small Business Blog
It’s never fun to get stuck, but my experience this week has been great for helping me relate to clients.

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Did the hotel think you were just going to hop in a car, head south to the border and drive to Cancun? Don’t think many people would do that from the states so they should cut you some slack.


Glad my wedding could help you realize how much it sucks for your clients when they’re going through something similar. But I really wish you and your family could have made it.

Hope it all worked out in the end.