Cranky on the Web (September 19 – 23)

Frequent Flier Programs, United

Watch out for flight changes, tight connectionsCNN Out of the Office
I talk about how to deal with frustrating flight schedule changes.

4 trip-planning services often overlookedOverhead Bin on MSNBC
Cranky Concierge was lucky enough to be mentioned here as a planning service worth considering. I agree.

In the Trenches: Handling Sensitive Customer DataIntuit Small Business Blog
Handling sensitive customer data is a huge issue in general, and it’s a nerve-wracking one for many a small business owner.

United, Continental to roll out combined frequent-flier program next yearChicago Tribune
I was asked to comment on the new MileagePlus, but of course, as readers of this blog, you already know my thoughts.

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2 comments on “Cranky on the Web (September 19 – 23)

  1. FLIGHT CHANGE STORY – “””””Sometimes, it’s just a matter of a change in the flight number. When that happens, the flight times stay the same, and it’s really not an issue.”””””

    It can be an issue when a flight number changes. I once had a friend flying from Seattle to Los Angeles on United. The flight actually was YVR-SEA-LAX and this was for the day prior to Thanksgiving. By the day of flight UA had changed the the routing of the flight to YVR-SEA-OAK and it was the last flight of the day. He was never notified of the flight number change on his SEA-LAX flight. So in the chaos you can have before a major holiday, he rushed to the gate his ‘flight number’ on his ticket showed. In the hurry by him and United not paying attention, he found himself in Oakland. UA rebooked him the next morning to Los Angeles, but that was all they did.

    So never assume what you have is the same once you go to travel and check and recheck everything. Remember the airline employee you talk to usually knows less about what is going on with their airline then you do.

    1. How long ago was that?! I couldn’t tell you the last time United flew Seattle to Oakland. I also couldn’t tell you the last time it mattered what it said on your “ticket” since most people don’t have paper anyway.

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